POKER.COM REVIEW is one of the fairly recent entries into the online poker world. While not the giant that Party Poker has become, has put together a very nice website for the online player to enjoy. After playing a few hands, and swapping a few bad beats with my fellow online players, here are my impressions of


When you log on to, you’re greeted with a nice intro page loaded with options. Unlike some of it’s competition, is clearly a site dedicated to all poker enthusiasts, not just those that choose to play online; there are updates on WSOP, tips, glossary, player blogs, a forum, and many other interesting sections to peruse, which make this site a worthwhile read for any poker fan.


Getting started with play, has a very quick and easy interactive download. Once you’re logged in, which doesn’t require ID confirmation or anything like that, you’re taken to a very attractive and interactive starting menu. While the menu is really nice, unfortunately the selection of games is limited, and your choices for poker are limited to Texas Hold’em and Omaha. There is also a Blackjack feature, but we’re talking about a site called here!


While I was online, seemed fairly well populated. There was a reasonable selection of tournaments open, and lots of Hold’em tables. It wasn’t overflowing with players like some of the larger sites, but it was a respectable population. There was a relatively small number of play money tables, which could be a problem for the recreational player, but it appears that this site is more directed at the money players.


The gameplay is very good, and has a neat but annoying feature not found on many sites- the hand tracker. This shows what you would have had if you hadn’t folded, which is nice to know, but can be very frustrating when your seven-deuce offsuit would have made a full house, not that that happened to me or anything.


Other features of are the standard freerolls and sign-up bonuses. seemed to offer a large number of unrestricted freerolls which is nice if you don’t want to risk any money and still want a chance to win some. also features a neat system of ranking it’s members, which is cool but seems more related to the number of hands played as opposed to the skill of the player. also boasts to have the only instant payment option in the industry, and while I cannot confirm or deny the exclusivity of this feature, it certainly is nice to access your winnings immediately.


Overall, this is a great site with lots of attractive features, and would certainly be a good choice to visit and burn some time at the tables. .

  Thumbs Up Thumbs Down
  » Very Nice Menu
» Lots of Poker features, not just game play
» Instant withdrawal
» Clean gameplay
» Hand tracker, rankings, other unique features
» Good population/tournaments
» Poor game selection
» Not many play money tables


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