Grand Bay Poker



Grand Bay Poker is a relative new comer to the online Poker industry. However despite their late arrival on the scene, Grand Bay is affiliated with the Prima Poker network. While this results in Grand Bay having similar software to other Prima sites, it does give them credibility as an established legitimate source for online Poker.


Grand Bay’s homepage is simple but functional and it has a nice look to it. It’s a very basic selection of windows, with nothing really extra to it, but for the most part it has everything needed. Grand Bay does not offer any news of the Poker world, and in fact their promotion page is just a link to Prima’s current promotions which is a bit disappointing.

Initiating the download from the main menu is easy as usual; everything loads and installs easily. The registration is a bit tedious as you’re required to enter a phone number, which isn’t a big deal but why do they need it? You also need your universal Prima ID to access the network. It’s nice to have the universal identity, but you’d think that if you need that anyways, an extra registration would be unnecessary.


After this is done, you log in and are taken to the lobby. Again, the lobby is Prima standard-issue, however Grand Bay adds its own themed touches. The population seems pretty healthy, and all the standard games are available, and most were busy when I was playing. One nice feature I did notice was that Grand Bay offers heads-up play for play money; I haven’t seen this on many other sites and it’s a great way to practice your heads-up play.


Grand Bay’s gameplay is very similar to other Prima sites, however it does have nicer visuals than many of its sibling sites. The gameplay is quick and easy, and the multi-table feature is nice. As with all sites, it could benefit from the addition of a Players Notes section. A solid gameplay, but not really exceptional.


Tournaments at Grand Bay are networked through Prima. What does this mean? It means lots of tournaments. Prima has a very good tournament schedule and Grand Bay players are included in it which is nice. On the downside, there are no real freerolls, and Grand Bay doesn’t really give any huge incentive to use its site versus another Prima site.


Promotion-wise, Grand Bay sputters. The only promotion I found on their site was a $30 deposit bonus. I also noticed a distinct absence of WPT or WSOP satellite qualifiers, which is disappointing.


Overall, I wasn’t overly impressed with Grand Bay Poker. While they have the advantage of allying with a big name like Prima, they don’t do a whole lot to set themselves apart from the crowd. The site isn’t a bad one, but it could certainly use some

  Thumbs Up Thumbs Down
  » Good networked population
» Play money heads-up
» Credibility through Prima
» Decent visuals
» Good networked population
Play money heads-up
Credibility through Prima
Decent visuals

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