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The Gaming Club Poker is part of the Prima network, which is one of the largest Poker syndicates on the web. They have been online for some time now, and have established a place in the competitive world of online poker. Here are my impressions of The Gaming Club Poker’s online gaming experience.


Gaming Club’s home page is basic and functional. It’s devoid of much of the flash of some of the competition, but that’s not necessarily a bad thing. Everything you expect to be there is in place, and it’s all reasonably well put together. The links are easy to navigate, and everything you need is there. Unfortunately, there are very few extras, like a poker news section.


Initiating the download is very easy, and there are step by step directions (with screen shots) to get you up and running. Installation is simple, and registration isn’t too bad. It’s worth mentioning that if you already have a Prima Poker ID on one of the affiliate sites, you will need that unique ID to register.


Once you get up and running, the Lobby is rampant with activity; there are lots of tables in lots of games and just lots of choices in general. The layout is a bit busy, but everything can be found without too much difficulty.


Sitting down at a table, I found myself underwhelmed by Gaming Club’s graphics; they are rudimentary and look very dated compared to some of the competition. The game play itself goes fairly well however, as it is reasonably quick. The multiple table feature is handy, as you can play up to three tables at once. Overall the game play is a very basic, no frills experience. There is no hand stats feature, and you can’t take notes on your opponents which definitely hurt my overall impression of this site.


While the gameplay was disappointing, Gaming Club has a very good tournament structure. Lots of scheduled tournaments and many options for tournaments make this site attractive to tournament players. There are also play money tournaments, and true free rolls that players can enter without meeting any requirements.


Gaming Club lags a little bit in the promotions department; there are no WSOP satellites or anything similar. The only real promotions they offer are the Rounders Tournament, which is simply a multi-level tournament for cash. While the structure is attractive, the lack of satellites is certainly a drawback.


I guess by now you may have figured that this isn’t my favourite site. Gaming Club isn’t a bad site, but it just looks that way compared with the industry leaders.

  Thumbs Up Thumbs Down
  » Multi table play
» True free rolls
» Frequent tournaments
» Lots of players
» Mediocre graphics
» Basic site; lacks any real panache
» No satellites
» Game play lacks features

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