Fair Poker



Although Fair Poker isn’t one of the biggest sites on the internet, I had heard good things about it. With the boom in the online industry, there are lots of smaller sites popping up who want to play heads-up with the leaders; after playing at Fair Poker, I can tell you it can stand up to all the top sites in the Poker world.


Surfing to Fair Poker’s homepage, it becomes obvious there is lots going on at this site. The layout is attractive, and the crisp visuals are a sign of what is to come. Everything you require is easily accessible, as all the rules, tournament schedules, and other essentials are readily available. While Fair Poker has everything you need, unfortunately there is no Poker News or anything else supplementary.


As expected, software download and installation is a snap; everything goes quickly, and without problem. Registration is similarly quick, and within minutes of opening the homepage, you’re in the lobby ready to play.


Sitting down at a table, I’m struck by Fair Poker’s impressive visuals; the graphics are beautiful! The look of this site is very attractive, and they back up an impressive gameplay. Everything is quick to go and easy, but perhaps the most impressive part of the game play is the Hand History option- you can bring up the history of a hand after it’s done, and it even shows you the hole cards of your opponents who went to showdown! This feature is simply awesome, and it caps a very solid game play. Selectable avatars, quick action, and your choice of two points of view make for the nicest graphics I’ve ever seen on a Poker website.


Fair Poker backs up its gameplay with a solid line-up of tournaments; the scheduled ones are pretty much standard fare, but they also offer regular free rolls without any player requirements, which is nice for recreational players. The only weakness here is that Fair does not offer WSOP or WPT satellites.


The promotion section at Fair Poker isn’t too bad either; their deposit bonus structure is very generous, and they even offer a 50% account refund if you lose all of your initial deposit within a specified period! They also offer a Bad Beat bonus, which pays out if you lose on a big hand.


As you can see, I’m pretty impressed with the site Fair Poker has put together. My only real complaints are the lack of Satellite tournaments, and the somewhat small player population. The rest of this site is awesome, and if they could work on those two weaknesses, this site would be my new home for online poker.


  Thumbs Up Thumbs Down
  » Beautiful graphics- best I’ve ever seen!
» Interactive hand history
» Freerolls are actually Free
» Good deposit structure
» Smaller player population than top sites
» No Satellites


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