Captain Cooks Poker


Captain Cooks Poker - As I perused Prima Poker’s extensive catalogue of affiliate sites, I came across an unfamiliar site- Captain Cook’s Poker. Although my last Prima site experience wasn’t overwhelmingly positive, I decided to check out the Captain’s site and see what it’s all about.


As Captain Cook’s home page loaded, it looked immediately different than its sister Prima sites. It has a clean crisp look with a nice dark colour scheme, and just looks very professional overall. The layout is very user friendly, and all the sections are thorough and useful. There is even a Poker Articles section, by the local pro which is a nice touch. The main pages do their job quite well and are definitely a positive addition to the overall experience.


Initiating the download is pretty straightforward, and it goes quickly as I’ve come to expect. The standard Prima registration procedures are in place, and your Universal ID is again needed to get started.


Captain Cook’s lobby and tables are a mirror of what you’ll find on other Prima Poker sites; this is because the software is the same. While this is good because the network increases player population, it’s not so good because all the sites are running the same outdated software, however the Captain gives it a few slight improvements. The lobby is busy with networked activity, and there is lots of action in all games.


The game play at Captain Cook’s is mostly standard Prima, which is to say not all that great. Luckily, the Captain tweaks it a little bit; the theme and colours are attractive, but the best feature on this site (and most Prima sites) is the Turbo mode some tables have. It forces players to act quicker so it really speeds up the game. Other than that, nothing exceptional, typical Prima multi-table play, but as usual, Player Notes are absent, as are characters at the table.


As for promotions, Captain Cook offers a few different bonuses, most of which are based on the number of raked hands a player has participated in. To this end, they offer a tool that keeps track of this number, which is quite useful. They also offer WSOP Satellites- something most Prima sites lack. Tournaments are frequent, but no true free rolls are offered, and the tournament structure is pretty standard stuff.


Overall, the Captain has done a respectable job of making a decent site out of Prima’s mediocre software. The small differences are evident, and make this site stand out from its affiliates.


  Thumbs Up Thumbs Down
  » Nice look and mainpages
» Turbo mode is very good
» WSOP Satellites
» Multi-table play
Lack of graphics
» No Free Rolls
Dated prima software

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