Scotty Nguyen
by Greg Cavouras  

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Aggressive, flashy, and outlandish are just some of the ways to describe Poker legend Thuan (Scotty) Nguyen. Always with a grin on his face, Scotty is one of the true characters of Poker. He is known for his ultra aggressive style of play, and flashy persona around the Poker circuit, and his style has paid off handsomely. A top player, and first rate showman, Scotty “Win” Nguyen has no less than four World Series titles to his name, and is regarded as one of the toughest opponents in the world.


Nguyen likes to perpetuate the legend that he was born with a deck of cards in his hands. While this might be a slight exaggeration, few would argue Nguyen’s talent.


He came over to the United States in 1979 from his native Vietnam. Brimming with his characteristic confidence, Scotty began his journey as a dealer. In this capacity he was able to study the play of some great players and derive a means to improve their game. He progressed up through the ranks, as his bankroll increased, to arrive at the pinnacle of his game.


Scotty’s trademark at the table is his unparalleled confidence. Nobody has as much self belief as Scotty Nguyen. When asked what his secret was, Nguyen responded “When I look down, I always see aces baby!” His confidence translates into extreme aggression at the table, and it’s clear that Scotty plays to win, not to place. Outlandish showmanship has also earned him his fair share of attention, and Nguyen has delivered the results to back up his claims.


As a confident competitor, Scotty Nguyen would be all bark and no bite if he wasn’t one of the top players in the world. Scotty Nguyen is not all bark and no bite! A quick look at his Poker resume affirms his elite status; Nguyen holds 4 World Series of Poker bracelets, including his famous main event win in 1998, when he warned Kevin McBride “If you call this one, it’s all over baby!”- Scotty wasn’t kidding; with the board showing a full house he turned over a bigger full house and knocked McBride out of the tournament to take the win. He has also won 2 Legends of Poker events, and to date has almost $4 million in winnings.


A showman and a champion, Scotty Nguyen is a colourful and exciting player to watch anytime he sits down. He’ll take on anyone, anytime, and more often than not Scotty “Win” will come out on top. Watch for him to continue to be a highlight of the World Poker Tour and any other big tournament he enters.

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