Men "The Master" Nguyen
by Greg Cavouras  

Men "The Master" Nguyen - Source

Men ‘The Master’ Nguyen is one of the most liked players in the Poker world. That says a lot about him personally, when you consider how many pots he has won and how much money he has taken off his opponents. He is widely regarded as one of the all-time greats. Beyond his success at Poker, Men Nguyen has an inspirational life story, and sets a great example of success despite adversity.


Born in communist Vietnam, Men Nguyen left his home country when his father encouraged him to pursue a better life in America. He left his family and traveled 5 days by boat, only to arrive in a foreign continent with no family and no money. He arrived in Los Angeles in 1978; being unable to speak any English, finding work was very difficult. Men studied hard, and eventually got a job in furniture delivery. He would earn $10 a day. Ever ambitious, Men studied harder, and landed a job as a machinist which would be enough to sustain him.


In 1985, some friends convinced Nguyen to travel to Las Vegas with them. The flight would be cheap; the only condition is that he would have to play at least 3 hours at Caeser’s Palace. Men ended up in the poker room, where he lost over $2100 in a matter of hours. Despite this set back, Men Nguyen would return the next weekend; he won a tournament and earned $3500.


Since that weekend 1985, Men Nguyen has risen to the very top of the Poker world. He became a full time professional poker player in 1990, and hasn’t looked back. He was named Player of The Year in 1997, and ranked number 1 on Card Player’s list of top tournament players in 2001. He has won over 80 tournaments and made over 20 final WSOP tables. Men’s approach to winning is truly unique; he really lives up to his nickname as he considers every aspect of the game on the way to victory. His preparation is legendary, and the results are impressive.


Beyond his individual success, Men Nguyen has been a mentor to many young Poker players. To say he teaches Poker would be an understatement. Men only takes on players who show genuine commitment to success, and he carries them through until they reach that goal. He demands commitment to the game and shares his secrets with his protgs.


Away from Poker, Men is a committed father who loves to spend time with his children. He has a passion for the game of Poker, and can usually be found preparing for a game, playing a game, or thinking about a game. He still has many years of winning poker left, but look for his skill and cunning legacy to be carried on by the players he mentors.

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