Josh Arieh
by Greg Cavouras  

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Josh Arieh is one of the most controversial players currently playing professional Poker. Supremely confident to the point of arrogance, Josh Arieh plays a very aggressive game of Poker- he plays to win every time. So far, Josh has been effective in leaving his mark on the game, as he has already won a WSOP bracelet, and earned a reputation as a fearsome hold’em player.


Josh Arieh was born in Rochester, New York in 1975. He and his family relocated to Atlanta, Georgia in 1984. As a child, Josh’s passion for success and competitiveness was developing; he was a star baseball player in high school. From there, Arieh found himself equally successful at another stick and ball game- pool. Immediately successful, young Josh was instantly enamored with the gambler’s lifestyle. Before long, he made the transition to Poker, and Arieh had found himself a game that suited his ability.


Josh began playing poker tournaments in Biloxi, Mississippi. Not being the legal age of 21, he would use his brother’s identification to enter casinos. Even at a young age, Arieh was displaying some of his current traits; excessive confidence, table banter, and undeniable talent. Arieh was successful in a relative way, and a friend convinced him to enter the 1999 World Series of Poker. When Josh won this event, no one that knew him was surprised. Poker had a new star.


The play of Josh Arieh is a study in contrasts; while he plays very aggressively, he is also a very intelligent player and more often than not gets an accurate read on his opponents. One of his biggest strengths is his confidence; no one believes in them self more than Josh Arieh. However this strength can also become a weakness for Arieh, as he does tilt, and sometimes bites off more than he can chew with a marginal hand. Despite this, few would argue that, when focused, he is one of the toughest players in the game.


For his efforts, Arieh has been quite successful; his 1999 WSOP bracelet is likely a career highlight, but Arieh also gained recognition when he finished 3rd in the 2004 main event (eventually won by Greg Raymer). Josh is always a contender for the win, and has millions in winnings, and many final table appearances to his credit.


Away from Poker, Josh is a devoted father, and when he’s not playing poker, he is with his wife and two daughters. Josh is also friends with fellow Poker player Erick Lindgren, a friend and sometimes rival, who has helped Josh improve his play.


Love him or hate him, Josh Arieh is here to stay; expect him to continue to increase his winnings and remain a factor in any game he enters.

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