Jennifer Harman
by Greg Cavouras  

Jennifer Harman - Source

Jennifer Harman is probably one of the most dangerous players to sit down at a table with. At 5’2” and around a 100lbs, you might not suspect that from her physical appearance, but make no mistake; she’s the real deal. Still shy of her 30th birthday, Harman holds 2 WSOP bracelets, and has been called “one of the best all around players on the planet” by Daniel Negreanu- high praise indeed!


Jennifer got her start at poker at a very young age, as her father was an avid player. In fact, legend has it that when Mr. Harman was losing at his weekly game, he would send Jennifer in to get some of his money back! Her rise through the Poker world is inspirational, as Jennifer went from a recreational player who funded her Poker by working as a cocktail waitress, to a WSOP bracelet holder.

Harman always knew she wanted to be a Poker player, and she worked hard to build herself the necessary bankroll. As a waitress, she started playing the low limit games, but mindful of the future, she also invested her money instead of staking it all.


The result? As Harman matured as a player and became successful, her investments matured and she had the bankroll to back up her ability. It wasn’t a straight path to the top however; In 1993, Jennifer was on the brink of bankruptcy and had to borrow $50,000 from a friend. This motivated her to improve, and she quickly paid off the loan and carried her momentum straight into a career as a professional poker player.


Jennifer shocked the Poker world by winning her first WSOP bracelet in 2000. Not that it was shocking that a skilled player like her should win, but what was shocking was the game she won: Deuce-to-seven no-limit lowball- a game she had never played before! After a few minutes of coaching from Howard Lederer, she went out and won the WSOP bracelet as a huge underdog. Having tasted victory, Jennifer would return to win the limit Hold’em event in 2002, totally running the table for her second WSOP bracelet.


Unlike many champions, Jennifer remains humble about her success. She enjoys the game of poker and aspires to learn something every time she sits down. Not difficult, considering she frequents some of Vegas’s most expensive games, playing regularly against legends like Doyle Brunson and Chip Reese. Her continued success regularly proves that Daniel’s assessment was correct, she is indeed one of the all around best players in the world.

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