Howard Lederer
by Greg Cavouras  

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Howard Lederer’s success can be summed up by two things : Hard work and Dedication. These two traits have always characterized Howard’s approach to the game, dating back to the family card games he played as a child growing up in New Hampshire.


And the results he has achieved through these means speak for themselves; He has gone from being Dead Money at local Chess club games in New York, to being one of the most respected and feared No Limit players in the world, with numerous tournament victories, and sizable cash earnings along the way.


Amazingly, Poker wasn’t even Howard’s first passion- it was actually Chess that persuaded him to take a year off school at age 18. He moved to New York to study the game, and found himself drawn to the backroom Poker games, and before he knew it, young Howard was hooked on the card game. Despite his interest, he wasn’t very good; he frequently ended up losing in his 80 hour poker weeks. Although his early results would have been enough to discourage many people, he persevered and continued to work on his game. He started playing at New York’s Mayfair club, a move that would ultimately shape his career, as he played regular hands the likes of “Action Dan” Harrington and Eric Siedel. His game improved dramatically, and in 1993 Howard Lederer decided to get serious about Poker, so he relocated to Las Vegas and committed to a career at the tables.


Watching Howard play Poker is like watching a Professor set up a complex equation- he’s always methodical and focused. His style of poker relies heavily on intelligent strategy, and he’s less aggressive and intuitive than some of his contemporaries- he prefers a chess-like formulaic approach. When this is combined with his spontaneous moments of aggression, opponents have no choice but to take him seriously, and this makes him a formidable opponent. His analytical style is also evident in the play of his sister Annie Duke, as the two spent much time working together on their play. The two of them have also made poker history, when they became the first brother and sister to sit at the same WSOP final table in 1994. While their alliance has certainly made both of them stronger players, Annie has also cost Howard a few chips over the years, knocking him out of more than one tournament!


When he’s not playing high stakes poker, Howard is in Las Vegas spending time with his wife Suzie and son Mattias. He also enjoys golf, working out, and also has a hand in the star-studded Full Tilt Poker website. Although his favourite type of Poker is big buy-in, no-limit Texas Hold’em, Howard is also accomplished at many other card games and loves a big cash table. Howard is today, and will remain for sometime, one of the most respected, feared, and skilled players in the game.

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