Greg Raymer
by Greg Cavouras  

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It’s unlikely any player had a better year in 2004 than Greg Raymer; he electrified the poker industry by winning the World Series of Poker, along with the $5 million dollar purse the event carried. Raymer, a patent attorney from Connecticut, qualified on (of Chris Moneymaker fame) and shocked the world by defeating a record field of no less than 2575 hungry poker players to take the coveted title.


Born in North Dakota, the 40-yr old father took a liking to Poker while in college, playing small games with fraternity friends. Through law school, Raymer remained a casual player, playing low limits games and eventually competing online at Pokerstars. His love and skill for the game developed, and in 2000 Raymer competed in the World Poker Finals. He finished in 3rd place, a result he considered “disappointing”, however he had displayed the ability to compete at the highest level. Fast forward to 2004, and after winning a $160 satellite, Raymer found himself with an invitation to the World Series of Poker, where a record field waited for him to make history.


Raymer’s successful brand of poker is a balance of intelligence and luck. He reads opponents very well and uses his deductive mind to make a decision and shrink their chip stacks. He is very exciting to watch, combining mathematical calculation with controlled aggression. Admittedly, he also got lucky on his way to one of the biggest victories in Poker history- a great example of this is when he took out Mike McClain at the final table; Raymer was holding TT against McClain’s AA, and Raymer was saved by a T on the flop. While cynics use this as a means of detracting from Greg’s success, no top player ever won anything without luck on their side.


So how has wealth and fame changed Greg Raymer? By all accounts, the only thing that appears to have changed is his account balance, as Raymer is said to be one of the most humble, gentlemanly players on the circuit. Wealth has afforded him more time with his wife Cheryl, and their daughter Sophie; Greg also enjoys time on the golf course, and antique auctions. His nickname “Fossilman” comes from his trademark card protector Fossil and interest in fossils and minerals. Although Greg Raymer is a top professional poker player, he could be earning a living in a multitude of fields, as he has degrees in chemistry, biochemistry, and law.


Having watched Greg play, and listened to his commentary on ESPN, it’s clear he has an incredible understanding of, and appreciation for the game of poker. He is a commanding presence whenever he sits down at a table, and amateurs across the continent are wearing his trademark sunglasses. His commitment to success is inspirational to amateurs everywhere, and it ensures we’ll be seeing “Fossilman” raking in pots for some time to come.

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