Evelyn Ng
by Greg Cavouras  

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Evelyn Ng is one of Poker’s rising stars. As a player who consistently improves every aspect of her game, Evelyn is starting to gain the recognition and respect that she deserves. With the help of superstar coach and fellow Canadian Daniel Negreanu, it’s only a matter of time before Evelyn Ng establishes herself as one of the players to beat in the Poker world.


Evelyn was born in Toronto, Ontario. After high school, Evelyn took a job as a blackjack dealer, and progressed to dealing Poker. Like many other Poker stars, she saw the game and wanted a piece of the action. She played the game on and off for four years, before getting serious about it and becoming professional. Evelyn’s timing was good; she met Daniel Negreanu in her late teens, and they have been friends ever since. It’s safe to assume she’s benefited from Negreanu’s Poker tips, but rumor has it she frequently wins when they play heads-up!


Evelyn’s style of poker is very intelligent and precise. Although you can see echoes of Daniel’s style in her play, she plays her own game of selective aggression. She plays tight at times, but can pull a big raise or re-raise with the best of them and loves big hands with lots of action. She plays a very even game, and has learned to keep steady even after a bad beat or big loss, which is certainly one of her greatest strengths.


Ng’s play has consistently improved since she became a pro, and the results have reflected that, as she has steadily climbed in her finishes. Her best finish to date is 2nd at the World Poker Tour ladies’ night event in 2004, but has a several other placings to her credit. She is also a mainstay of the Canadian Poker Summit.


Unlike many of the top pros, Evelyn prefers to play online in limit games, and rarely plays live no-limit cash games, however her no-limit play has increased in frequency and in success lately. Evelyn is a regular 30-60 online player. Evelyn is also one of the best “chip trick” players in the business, pulling off some amazing tricks. Not only that, but she’s ambidextrous too!


Away from Poker, Evelyn has made a nice side career for herself as a Poker commentator on NBC. As a self-proclaimed “media hound”, Evelyn spends lots of time watching TV and surfing the internet. She also enjoys video games, and claims to be a very good minesweeper player. She’s currently looking for a way to find opponents who will bet on minesweeper, but hasn’t figured out how.


Watch for Evelyn Ng to continue to improve her play, and don’t be surprised if she one day realizes her goal of being the first woman to win the World Series of Poker main event!

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