Daniel Negreanu
by Greg Cavouras  

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Born July 26th, 1976 in Toronto, Daniel Negreanu is a study in contrasts; calculated but aggressive, focused but outspoken, and humble but wildly successful.


It wasn’t by accident that the friendly Canadian was named 2004 WSOP Player of The Year- he proved himself time and time again, taking big pots from big names in big games.


Daniel’s love for Poker was bred at an early age, he learned the game at 15 and was immediately hooked. His talent and ability developed rapidly, and he moved to Vegas to take the game up full time. Predictably for someone who his natural ability, he’s commitment was rewarded, as he was victorious in the first WSOP tournament he entered- a pot limit Hold’em tournament in 1998. This was the manifestation of the world class poker player Negreanu had become- and it wasn’t a flash in the pan. As a matter of fact, as an emerging player in his early 20’s, Daniel won more major tournaments between 1997 and 1999 than any other player, taking home the big stack on twelve occasions.


Watching Daniel play is both entertaining and educational; his raw talent combines with a creative and aggressive edge, and the result is very effective Poker. His strategy is more about extracting hands- he isn’t concerned as much about the pre-flop action as he is about outplaying his opponent once cards are shown. This is perhaps Negreanu’s greatest strength; he is extremely creative in turning mediocre hole cards into chips for his stack, whether he has the strongest hand at the table or not. His instinct and reads are excellent, and because of his creative approach to less-than-premium hands, he can be a very difficult player to get rid of, even when his opponent is holding a monster.


Beyond his success as a player, Daniel Negreanu also gives a lot back to the Poker world- he makes regular public appearances and seminars on the game. He also publishes many articles and tips on a variety of poker sites, as well as doing Poker commentary on Sportsnet. He has always considered himself to be a “poker fan first, and a poker player second”, and in this vein he works to improve the public’s perception and help push Poker in the direction of mainstream acceptance. Daniel also professes respect and admiration towards many of his rivals- Jennifer Harman, Phil Ivey, and Ted Forrest are among his favourites.


Despite his enormous popularity and success, Daniel Negreanu appears to be just “one of the boys” playing cards. He’s clearly enjoys his life, and immerses himself in everything Poker. As an admitted Negreanu fan myself, I always look forward to seeing his creative aggressive play at a final table, and like millions of other viewers, I always learn something when I watch Daniel play a hand. Look for many more tournament victories from this easygoing champion, who is truly one of poker’s elite.

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