Dan Harrington
by Greg Cavouras  

Dan Harrington - Source

‘Action ‘ Dan Harrington is one of the most consistent and solid players in the Poker world. Cool, calm, and technically sound, Dan isn’t the flashiest character to pick up cards, but he still manages to take care of business against more aggressive players. Dan is solid as a rock at the table, and is also a savvy businessman who has made a living off his intelligence and instinct.


Dan Harrington was born in Cambridge, Massachusetts in 1945. He excelled in school, and enrolled in Suffolk University, where he studied Law. It was at Suffolk where Action Dan took up the game of Poker. In his post-secondary games, Dan went up against success-stories-to-be Bill Gates and Paul Allen. Harrington graduated from Suffolk, and became a bankruptcy attorney.


With an established profession securing his income, Dan Harrington decided to try his hand at big-time Poker. He participated in the World Series of Poker for the first time in 1987; as a relative unknown, Harrington finished a very impressive 6th. Having tasted success, and having shown flashes of brilliance in his first major tournament, Action Dan would be back for more, and it wouldn’t take him long to establish himself as one of the premier poker players in the country.


Watching Dan Harrington is an example of concentration and focus; he plays an extremely tight game of poker and is very patient. He’s been criticized as being “too tight”, but it’s tough to argue with his results. His reputation precedes him, however Harrington knows how to use this to his advantage, as few players recognize when he’s on a bluff. By varying his style just often enough, he becomes very difficult to get a read on, and his fundamental strength as a player makes him a formidable opponent.

Since his WSOP debut in 1987, Dan has made quite an impression. The highlight of his career is winning the title event in 1995, when he took home two gold bracelets.


He also has made the final table at the last two WSOP events, taking home over $2 million for his 3rd and 4th finishes in 2003 and 2004 respectively.


Amazingly, Dan Harrington continues with his career despite being a successful professional poker player. He is a bankruptcy attorney, and his poker earnings have allowed him the freedom to spearhead his own business- Anchor Loans. Action Dan is destined for success in any medium he chooses, and watch for him to take some of the top players by surprise with his no-nonsense approach to Poker.

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