Barry Greenstein
by Greg Cavouras  

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Perhaps the most underrated player in the Poker world right now, Barry Greenstein is one of the most respected players to pick up a pair of cards. His respect is well-earned; Greenstein, who is a calculated player of great intelligence has shown his ability time and time again, taking out many higher profile players along the way. Indeed, Greenstein has won millions at Poker, and perhaps even more impressive, he has donated all of his winnings to Children Inc., a charity that helps suffering children.


Raised in Chicago, Illinois, Barry Greenstein grew up as a talented student in mathematics. He graduated with honours, and got his Bachelor’s degree in Computer Sciences, and then proceeded to complete a PhD in mathematics at Illinois University.


In 1984 he started working with Symantec in the computer industry, where he stayed until he retired in 1991 at age 36. After retiring, Barry chose to pursue his passion for poker full time, having earned a living through his mettle and initiative.


Watching Barry Greenstein play Poker is an impressive experience; in starkest contrast to outgoing boastful players like Phil Hellmuth, Greenstein appears very timid at the table. He is quiet, shy and appears uncertain, however behind this impressive faade is a calculated and very intelligent mind. With his mathematical background, you can bet Barry has every hand calculated before he puts on his act of uncertainty. While his mathematical background is impressive, Barry’s greatest asset may well be his ability to identify weakness in himself and improve upon it, as he learns from every hand he plays.


Greenstein has used his rock-solid and level-headed play to win numerous tournaments. Despite his lower profile than many Poker stars, Greenstein holds a WSOP bracelet, a World Poker Open title, 2 million dollar tournament wins, and he was among the elite invited to participate in the Poker Superstars Invitational. He is one of the most respected and most feared poker players on the scene.

As impressive as his accomplishments are, Barry is likely to be remembered for his altruism and generosity. Since becoming a professional poker player, he has donated 100% of his winnings to charity to help underprivileged children. He is also known for helping Mimi Tran improve her game; she in turn taught him to speak Vietnamese, and the two have an ongoing debate as to who is the better teacher. Barry has earned his nickname “The Robin Hood of Poker”, as he continues to demonstrate his skill and generosity, as one of the sport’s top players and best ambassadors.

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