Amir Vahedi
by Greg Cavouras  

Amir Vahedi - Source

Amir is one of the most likable players on the Poker circuit. As a personable and charming character, he is easy to like. Despite being a true competitor, it’s obvious that Amir enjoys his profession immensely. On the other hand, it’s easy to enjoy the game when you’re as successful as Vahedi has been.


Born in Tehran, Iran in 1961, Amir Vahedi has made a name for himself with his aggressive style of play. One of his most famous quotes is “You wanna mess with me, it’s gonna cost you!”; this sums up his approach at the table. He may be a friendly and charismatic character, but don’t let that fool you, he is a ruthless competitor. It’s this approach that sets Amir apart- when he enters a tournament, he doesn’t enter it to make the final table. He enters for the sole purpose of winning. He illustrates his aggression by stating “You have to be willing to die in order to live in these tournaments”.


By all accounts, Amir’s selective aggression and hard-charging play has rewarded him handsomely. Amir was named the No-Limit Texas Hold’em Player of the Year in 2001, but he outdid himself in 2003, when he won a WSOP bracelet, won the Hustler Challenge, won titles in the World Poker Open and Legends of Poker, and won two more titles at the Foxwoods World Poker Finals. He also made it to 6th at the World Series of Poker main event. With all these results in 2003, Amir came just short of being named the 2003 Tournament Player of the Year, as he was just edged out by Men the Master. Despite being narrowly beaten by Men, Amir made a good case for himself by winning an event at the Hollywood Park Tournament, just 3 days into the new year.


Amir’s reputation as a top tournament player has also opened new professional opportunities for him, as he was chosen to be personal instructor to actor Ben Affleck.


As a competitior, Amir’s skill has earned him respect as a player, and his personality has earned him respect as a person. Watch for Amir’s aggressive style to earn him a few more titles before he’s done with the game.

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