Bodog Poker Room
Bodog’s Poker homepage is very visually basic. No real gimmicks here, but a plain menu and easy to use links. Everything is very simply laid out so it’s all accessible, but it’s very dull to look at. On the plus side, Bodog does offer some WSOP and WPT information as well as their 5th Street newsletter.

Paradise Poker
One of the oldest and better known online sites is Paradise Poker. Having been on the scene since 1999, Paradise has survived the bust and boom of the online Poker industry. Since they are one of the biggest and oldest names in the game, I figured it was time I played a few hands to see what they’re all about.


Noble Poker
Noble Poker is one of the less known (less advertised) Poker sites currently operating, however despite it’s lower advertising budget, Noble Poker impressed me during my visit. With top operations in place, such as Full Tilt, the competition for your online dollars is stiff, so here’s my take on how Noble Poker stacks up against the rest of the industry.

Royal Vegas Poker
Royal Vegas Poker has gained some notoriety in the industry through its TV advertisements, but still hasn’t reached the level of some of the larger names in the business. As part of the Prima network, they have the necessary exposure to be a player in the online market, but do they have the site to back it up?

InterPoker’s site begins with a nice homepage, the layout is simple and easy to use. All of the requisite links are there, and there is a good section on how to play the various games that InterPoker offers. There is also a very useful section for new players on the deposit and withdrawal procedures.

Fair Poker
Although Fair Poker isn’t one of the biggest sites on the internet, I had heard good things about it. With the boom in the online industry, there are lots of smaller sites popping up who want to play heads-up with the leaders; after playing at Fair Poker, I can tell you it can stand up to all the top sites in the Poker world.

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