Ultimate Bet
With top players like Phil Hellmuth, Annie Duke, and Devilfish Ulliott endorsing Ultimate Bet, it’s impossible to ignore it when looking for a new site to spend some time at. With an established team of pros, a good promotional campaign, and large player volumes, Ultimate Bet appears to be doing quite well, so I decided to get in on the action.

Empire Poker
Empire’s home page is clean enough, with all the standard bits in place- the screen is dominated by the “$2 Million Guaranteed” banner, promising $2 million every month on Empire. The features are nice enough, and the download is easily accessible- all the better to get you playing sooner.


Pacific Poker
Pacific Poker is a division of 888 Gaming, and one of the fastest growing poker sites on the web. As an avid online player, I regularly frequent some of Pacific Poker’s competitors, so I was anxious to try this site, which my friends were constantly recommending to me.

Poker Champs
As a huge Gus Hansen fan, I was really looking forward to checking out Poker Champs. Gus is a founding partner of the upstart site, and I was hopeful that he could put together a site to compete with other Poker stars’ sites, such as the collaboration on the excellent Full Tilt Poker site. Here are my impressions.

Absolute Poker
First thing a visitor will notice to Absolute’s homepage is the extensive menu, and lack of pop ups. Lots of banners are in place advertising the many promotions, but it’s not too terribly bad or difficult to navigate. It’s obvious this site has a lot going on, and the modern attractive look is very appealing to the eyes.

Poker Room
The homepage for Poker Room is clean but full of information. Poker Room has a standard drop down menu, allowing easy access to all the normal features we’ve come to expect from online Poker sites. Poker Room also offers many other casino games, like blackjack, baccarat and let it ride, but those won’t be the focus of my time here.

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Titan Poker Logo
Titan Poker
100% up to $500
Full Tilt Poker Logo
Full Tilt Poker
100% up to $600
Doyles Room Logo
Doyles Room Poker
110% up to $550
BetUS Logo
BetUS Poker
100% up to $600
Poker Stars Logo
Poker Stars
100% up to $50
Poker Room Logo
Poker Room
100% up to $300
Party Poker Logo
Party Poker
No Deposit Bonus
Ultimate Bet Logo
Ultimate Bet
200% up to $1100
Carbon Poker Logo
Carbon Poker
100% up to $500
Bodog Poker Logo
Bodog Poker
110% up to $500