High Card
High card occurs when you hand doesn't include a pair or higher, and is ranked according to the highest value card. The example below shows a High Card hand, called Ace High
A hand in which you hold exactly two cards of equal rank, and three other cards of different ranks
Two Pair
A hand in which you hold two sets of two cards of equal rank, and which each set is of a distinct rank
Three of a Kind
When your hand includes exactly three cards of equal rank, and two other cards of different ranks
A hand in which all five cards are of sequential rank. Note that an A may play as either the low end of a straight or the high end, but may never be employed as the middle card of a straight
When all the cards in your hand are of the identical suit
Full House
When your hand consists of a set of three cards of one identical rank, and a pair of two cards of another identical rank
Four of a Kind
A hand in which there are four cards of identical rank
Straight Flush
A hand consisting of five cards of matching suit and sequential rank
Royal Flush
The top hand in Poker- it consists of the highest possible Straight Flush of any suit, meaning it must include the 10, J, Q, K, A of a particular suit

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