Using your Neteller Account
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The most basic use of a Neteller account for poker players is transferring money to and from sites. From the cashier page of most sites, Neteller is a deposit or withdrawal option. If you do not see Neteller listed, you may need to register your Neteller account with the cashier. Email customer service for details.

When withdrawing from a merchant (poker site) onto Neteller, the availability of funds is dependent on the cashier at the merchant. Some sites offer instant withdrawals. In those cases, you will see the funds in your Neteller account almost instantly. Neteller accounts are credited and debited virtually instantly.

There are no fees for standard deposits to (or withdrawals from) Neteller merchants, including poker sites.

Funding Your Neteller Account: Instacash

Neteller account holders have the option of using Instacash to fund their account. All Neteller account holders with a registered, confirmed bank account have a credit limit for Instacash established. In most cases this is $750. Instacash can be used to receive funds from your registered bank account through an EFT transaction. You are able to use the funds instantly even though it may take 1-3 business days until your checking account is debited.

Instacash requires an 8.9% service fee. If you perform the transaction directly on the Neteller site, you will have to pay this amount personally (it is withheld from your deposit). If you use the cashier page of poker sites that allow Instacash, they will cover the 8.9% service fee. Some sites pay the service fee, but credit it to your account as a bonus that must be cleared. The service fee insures Neteller’s risk of insufficient funds.

To use a site’s cashier window to fund via Instacash, select “Neteller” as your funding option. Enter your twelve digit Account ID and your six digit Secure ID. There is usually a check box for “Use Instacash.” Check that box and enter the last four digits of the checking account number you have on file at Neteller.

Funding Your Neteller Account: EFT Deposit

Once you have registered a bank account, you can go to the Neteller website and initiate an EFT Deposit. This allows you to add funds to your account without any fees. Simply click the “Deposit” tab on the Neteller account page to access this option. It will take 2-3 days for the Electronic Funds Transaction to be presented to your bank. After Neteller is notified that the EFT was successful, they credit your account. The entire process takes 4-5 days, but Neteller’s risk is limited, so there is no fee for this transaction.

Funding Your Neteller Account: Credit Cards

Neteller accepts Visa credit cards to fund your account. Many North American credit card companies restrict transactions with gaming sites, and even though Neteller is not a gaming site, sometimes those transactions are disallowed. Many credit card operators that do not restrict these transactions treat them as cash advances, which can have higher interest rates and fees associated. If you have an option other than credit card, it is better to use that.

Funding Your Neteller Account: Bank Wire

Bank wire fees make this the least desirable option, unless you are in a location where Neteller is unable to establish electronic banking. In this case, contact Neteller for wire details.

Funding Your Neteller Account: the Neteller Card

The Neteller Card is an ATM card. Cash deposits into ATMs can be made with this card. Once the deposit is credited (1-3 business days), the funds can be moved from your Neteller Card account to your regular Neteller account (see withdrawal - Neteller Card below for details).

Withdrawing from Neteller: Bank Draft

You can receive a check from Neteller for any amount up to the balance in your account by clicking the “Withdrawal” tab on the accounts page. You have the option of standard mail delivery (up to two weeks) or FedEx overnight delivery service (not available in all locations). The service fee of $11 is withheld from the check for FedEx service. There is no fee to withdraw by check for standard delivery. Customers in the United States receive a check drawn on a US bank, so deposits are not held for inordinate times.

Withdrawing from Neteller: EFT

This is the best option, since there is no charge to withdraw, and EFT transactions are usually completed in 1-3 business days. Withdrawing is simple and convenient using this method.

Withdrawing from Neteller: the Neteller Card

The fastest option to receive funds from Neteller is to have a Neteller Card. This is a stored value card that is used just like an ATM card. It is issued on an American bank for US customers and can be used at Star and Pulse ATMs. It can also be used at most POS (point of sale) terminals that allow debit card transaction.

You request a Neteller card directly from the accounts page at the site. The card is mailed to you in about a week, and will include a PIN (personal identification number) that you use when making POS or ATM transactions.

It is important to note that the Neteller Card account is separate from the regular Neteller account. Although funds do move quickly between the two accounts (usually within minutes), the customer must initiate the transaction manually. You cannot use the Card to access funds directly from your regular Neteller account.

Once you receive the card in the mail, you can select “Neteller Card” from the withdrawal page. You are charged a $2 fee to put funds on your card, but the card can then be used at any ATM or POS to make purchases or receive cash. ATM transactions incur a small fee, and the ATM owner may charge an additional fee.

The fees for using the Neteller Card are small considering the incredible speed at which you can get cash. It is also possible to make deposits to the Neteller Card using ATMs. The funds can then be switched to the regular Neteller account from the deposit page.

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