Setting up your Neteller Account
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If you don’t have a Neteller account yet, you’re in the minority. Maybe you’ve always played free poker or won a small amount in a freeroll and have played on that. Some geographic locations are restricted from Neteller, but that is really the only legitimate excuse for any poker or casino player not to have a Neteller account. This guide gives step-by-step details on opening, funding, and using your Neteller account to its fullest.

About Neteller

Neteller is the premier online e-wallet system behind only PayPal, which is virtually out of the gaming transactions business since its takeover by eBay. Neteller commenced operations in 1999. Neteller plc is a publicly traded company on the London Stock Exchange, and successfully processed $7.3 Billion in transactions for its 2.9 Million customers in 2005.

Over 800 people work for this financial services company in its offices in London, Calgary, Hong Kong, and Costa Rica. More than 3400 merchants use Neteller services to allow their customers to make purchases.

Neteller plc is a financially sound company; easing fears of online gamers who must be constantly vigilant about the entities they do business with. With a market capitalization of over Ł500 Million (Great Britain Pounds) and revenue exceeding $170 Million, gross profits for the fiscal year ended December 2005 exceeded $120 Million. Net profits topped 50% of revenue, which any analyst will say is an investor’s dream. Neteller’s corporate website is .

Establishing an Account

Step One: Go to the Neteller home page.

Click “Open Account.”

Step Two: Enter your name and email address. It is wise to use the same email account for all of your poker accounts. Conflicts with your registered email accounts may delay Neteller transfers.

Make sure to read the Terms of Use carefully before proceeding.

Step Three: Verify your email address and enter personal details. Check your email for a message from Neteller. Some SPAM filters may block unknown senders. Once you see the email from Neteller, click the link it contains. You will be taken to a password confirmation screen. After entering your password, you will be prompted for your name, address, telephone number, date of birth, and other personal details. It is important to enter this information accurately, in case you ever need to verify it later. There is no reason to be concerned about privacy. Long standing account holders can verify that information provided to Neteller is extremely secure. After completing these steps, you will be emailed an account ID and a secure ID by Neteller. Save these numbers in a secure location.

Step Four: Call Neteller. In North America, call 1-888-258-5859. Make sure to call from the number you provided them during signup. You will be asked to verify some personal information. After you do, your account will be accessible online.

Step Five: Login to your account online. Always use this address: . This is very important for security. If you add this address to your bookmarks, and always use that link, you will have no security concerns. A phishing scam from 2005 sent spoof emails attempting to harvest Neteller account details. Don’t be a victim.

Your account ID (12 digits) and secure ID (6 digits) were emailed to you. Another security note: you will never use your password except when logging in to Neteller’s site. You only provide your secure ID when making a transfer to a merchant. The only information you need to provide another Neteller customer for them to make a transfer is the email you registered with Neteller.

Step Six: Register your bank checking account with Neteller. This is the premier way to deposit to and withdraw from your Neteller account. Neteller’s security and privacy is excellent in this regard. From the “Account” tab on the Neteller site, select “Register a bank account.” After following the directions carefully, Neteller will make a small trial deposit into your account (less than one dollar, so don’t get excited).

Step Seven: Verify your bank account. After the trial deposit goes through (usually 1-2 days), log in to your Neteller account and provide them with the deposit amount. Entering the exact amount will confirm your ownership of the bank account. If you have online access to your bank account, you can get the information quickly that way.

You’re done! You’ve successfully created a Neteller account and enabled your funding options.

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