Poker Blogs
Aug 28, 2005  
by Jason Kirk  

Today's poker player has infinitely more resources available to him than players ten or twenty years ago. Not only can he start off playing micro-limit games that allow him to learn the ropes without putting his income at risk, but he has more sources of information about poker available to him than ever before. In addition to forums such as those here at Blind Bet or Two Plus Two, there is another invaluable source of poker information out there: poker weblogs, or as they're more commonly known, poker blogs.

Blogs are one of the mainstays of today's internet, covering every subject under the sun from almost as many perspectives, and with almost no exceptions they are completely free to use. The poker blog community is a particularly rich one. Players of all skill levels, from all parts of the U.S. and Canada and around the world, share their thoughts and experiences with the game they love (or love to hate) on a regular basis. Some poker blogs appear and disappear within a relatively short amount of time, but others stick around and grow their own audiences who check in every day to see what's new. Some of the most notable poker blogs are listed below, along with a little information about each.

Full Contact Poker - Daniel Negreanu, 2004 Player of the Year, was one of the first professional poker players to embrace blogging, and his is easily the most popular poker blog on the net. Daniel is not only a highly talented player by any measure, but he is an intelligent and capable writer who get his thoughts across easily. Following his performances along the tournament trail is never boring, and insight into the way he plays the game can be gleaned from reading Daniel's blog regularly.

Paul Phillips' LiveJournal - Paul Phillips is another big-name poker player who loves to blog, but Paul's journal is much more varied in topics than Daniel Negreanu's. One might find a post about hacking DVRs, followed by a post about Tuan Le and Hasan Habib playing each other in the WPT Championship, followed by Paul lighting into an anonymous commenter for making inane statements. Some of the best posts, though, are when Paul goes into deep mathematical explanations of some of the intricacies of hold'em - he's a highly intelligent man with a thorough understanding of the game. Reading Paul's blog is never boring and always informative.

Tao of Poker - Pauly describes himself as "a writer, degenerate gambler, and poker blogger from New York City." He's all that and more. Pauly's blog is one of the most entertaining around, full of character that you couldn't pay for anywhere else, and he maintains it as a labor of love. Imagine if Hunter S. Thompson played poker and wrote about his travels and you'll start to get an idea of what the Tao of Poker is like. Pauly got a big break when he was hired to cover the entire WSOP this year for Fox Sports and Poker Player Newspaper, and his coverage was indispensable to those following from far away who wanted more than just chip counts.

Guinness and Poker - Home of the "uber-post," huge posts covering wildly varying topics linked by their relevance to poker, Iggy's site is a mainstay of the poker blogging scene. He prides himself on "destroying workplace production one post a time," and his rambling posts are excellent for doing that. Iggy keeps track of the once-venerable but now-disheveled newsgroup and the Two Plus Two forums, picking out and publicizing the best threads, and keeps an eye on all news relating to poker as well. All of these are flavored by his unique sense of humor.

Las Vegas and Poker Blog - Poker Prof is the host of one of the most influential of all poker blogs. Headquartered in Las Vegas, the Prof and his crew get first-hand coverage of the biggest tournaments in the world capital of poker. Besides the excellent tournament reporting, the blog is accompanied by one of the best poker photo galleries on the net, courtesy of Steve Hall aka Flipchip. Las Vegas and Poker Blog is an all-around informational source that's a great link for anyone's bookmark list.

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