Poker Blogs
Aug 29, 2005  
by Jason Kirk  

The poker blogosphere is as widely varied as the people who play the game. Here's another helping of some of the better poker blogs on the net today.

DoubleAs - No-limit hold'em is easily the most popular form of poker being played today, and for no-limit strategy there are few places on the internet as good as DoubleAs' blog. He's a successful online cash game player who also had an incredible run in this year's WSOP Event # 43, where he was the chip leader with a paltry 27 players remaining. It's not hard to understand why he had such a great run when you read his posts on no-limit pressure points, the wisdom of folding when you're ahead in multi-way pots, and how to bluff by smooth-calling. Publishing company O'Reilly took notice of DoubleAs' blog and gave him a contract to write Poker Hacks. See why - and get more information on the book - by visiting his site.

Ship It! Poker - Ship It! is a group blog maintained by Matt Dean, Taylor Caby, Lloyd McGuire, and Chris Power. Matt Dean finished 7th in the 2004 WSOP Main Event, and the others are all successful online no-limit cash game players. Ship It! Poker is one of the better sites for home-grown strategy posts, most notably Lloyd's work on "The Heads-Up Doctrine." These posts outline how to proceed when heads-up against various types of players, and they're full of great advice for players who don't have much experience in one-on-one poker. Not only do they put up great strategy posts, but the Ship It! team are extremely responsive to comments and e-mails.

Missives From A Degenerate Underachiever - The Poker Nerd is one of the more educational bloggers to read, as he has a propensity for math of the sort that leaves most people's heads spinning. He also goes through stretches where he'll play up to 8 sit-and-go tourneys at one time, firing another up when he finishes one, all in the name of reaching an arbitrary goal he set for himself at the beginning of that month. Have you ever heard about the mythic "long term" when reading about poker? Poker Nerd has been there - and he will tell you it is good. Whether you want tournament strategy posts, or dissections of why he plays a certain hand a certain way, the Nerd is one of your best bets for thinking man's poker.

Up For Poker - Up For Poker is another group poker blog, this one maintained by CJ, G-Rob, and Otis. All three of these guys were involved in the television business, until Otis quit his job in South Carolina to become the official blogger for PokerStars. The content at Up For Poker is unpredictable from day to day but regularly features tales of crazy South Carolina home games, insights on poker and life, and better writing than you'll get from a lot of people who actually get paid to ramble.

The Cards Speak - Hank Wasserman, the proprietor of The Cards Speak, is a deep thinker who has a love for the game of limit hold'em. After simulating hundreds of thousands of hands with Turbo Texas Hold'em, Hank ventured into the dangerous waters of Southern California card rooms. When he emerged from the depths he was not only playing at higher limits, but he'd learned to love the game that frustrates so many others. A good portion of that love comes from Hank's background as a competitive athlete, but it's also engendered by the endless complexities he sees in the game. Outside of his posts touching on limit hold'em strategy, Hank is also well-known for venturing into more philosophical territory, as evidenced by his posts on the poker wisdom he gleans from movies such as The Big Lebowski, The Matrix, and Rushmore. A stop at The Cards Speak is always time well spent..

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