Party Poker Promotion

Party Poker 5 Billionth Hand Promotion

2006 Randy Saylor  

The promotions at Party Poker just keep coming. The currently running Summer Sizzler (rewards players for regular play in the month of August) and Monster $20 Million Freeroll were recently announced. Now Party Poker follows these announcements with the introduction of the Five Billionth Hand Promotion.

Since its inception, Party Poker has dealt 4,962, 398,000 hands. This is as of 5:20 ET on August 16, 2006. Starting at 4,965,000,000, every five millionth hand dealt will be rewarded. Some of those will be rewarded in a very big way.

The first thing to understand about this promotion is that there are three tiers of awards. The award you win if your table is dealt a milestone hand depends on the limit you are playing at the time.

Tier One

-$3/6 Fixed Limit Games
-$0.50/1 No Limit Games ($100 buy-ins)
-$0.50/1 Pot Limit Games ($100 buy-ins)

Tier Two

-$2/4 or lower Fixed Limit Games
-$0.25/0.50 or lower No Limit Games
-$0.25/0.50 or lower Pot Limit Games
-All cash tournament tables (SnG and MTT)

Tier Three

- Freerolls

While a player should always stay within their bankroll, if your choice is close between 2/4 and 3/6 or $50 and $100 no limit, you might step up to the higher limit when one of the jackpot hands is nearing, because the rewards are much higher for tier one games.

The winner of the milestone hand gets half of the cash prize, and the other players in the hand (not sitting out, dealt cards) split the other half equally. If the winner of the five billionth hand is playing a higher limit, that person wins $25,000 and the others at the table split the other $25,000!

There is one additional way to win big with this promotion. Its a longshot, but the payoff is huge. If the winning hand in one of the milestone hands is a royal flush, that player wins $1 Million. If the five board cards make a royal flush, every player at that table (who was dealt cards) splits the million dollars equally.

If you dont already have a Party Poker account, get in on this chance to win huge money right away! Following the Party Poker link gets you up to $100 free on your first deposit!

Updated Frequent Player Freeroll Schedule

Party Poker has a wide range of freerolls that are entered with frequent player points (FPP). The number to remember is fifty, as all FPP tournaments start at 50 minutes after the hour. The schedule includes (all times US Eastern):

- $1250 Players Club freeroll, daily at 0050.
- Party for Free 1000 FPP, daily at 0150.
- $500 Players Club freeroll, daily at 0850.
- $500 Players Club freeroll, daily at 1150.
- Party for Free 500 FPP, daily at 1250.
- 500 FPP $200K Saturday entry freeroll, daily at 1350.
- $1250 Players Club freeroll, daily at 1550.
- Party for Free 1000 FPP, daily at 1650.
- Sunday Million qualifier, 100 FPP, daily at 1750.
- Party for Free 500 FPP, daily at 1850.
- $1500 Players Club freeroll, daily at 1950.
- $2500 Players Club freeroll, daily at 2050.
- Party for Free 2000 FPP, daily at 2150.
- $500 Players Club freeroll, daily at 2350.