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September 27, 2006  
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September 21: Doyle Brunson Invites Players to His Ranch

Winners of a special $55 MTT at Doyle’s Room held on October 29 will receive a $5000 trip to Big Fork, MT (near Doyle’s ranch) to take part in the first-ever “System Poker Camp.” The May 2007 poker school will feature Super/System 2 as its main textbook. Contributors Mike Caro, Jennifer Harman, Daniel Nigerian, and Todd Brunson will join Doyle Brunson as instructors.

Over $100,000 in prizes will be awarded to winners in cash games and tournaments. Cocktails, swimming, and fishing are among the non-poker diversions. Interested players not winning the Doyle’s Room tournament can buy in directly for $4000 and arrange their own travel. Daily sub-qualifiers on the Doyle’s Room website start at $11. Details are online at

September 22: WCOOP Event 7

The 1872 participants in the $200+15 fixed-limit holdem Event Seven meant the prize pool’s $200,000 guarantee was completely unnecessary. That amount was almost doubled and first prize would exceed $70,000.
Canadian yaaaflow did in the only American at the final table, UH Big Tex, when a rivered straight left the Texan very short stacked. A few hands later, UH Big Tex’s KT wasn’t enough against A5.

September 23: WCOOP Event 8

The eighth event of the fifth annual WCOOP was the first ever HORSE tournament in this annual series. The $200+15 buy-in attracted 1798 entrants, almost quadrupling the $100,000 guarantee. First place alone would pay out almost $80,000. Pro Gary Jones “p10ker” finished third for $30,566. F.Briatore took first when two pair, kings over queens, topped fat&50’s jacks over fours in the seven-card stud rotation.

September 23: WCOOP Event 9

The second WCOOP event on Saturday saw 1095 players pony up buy-ins of $500+30 to play pot-limit holdem. The tournament was one of the shortest of the WCOOP so far and was completed in just less than 11 hours. One top finisher in this event, Roothlus, who would place 11th, went on to a third place win in the UltimateBet $200,000 Sunday tournament (detailed below) to make for a very nice weekend of poker.

Uncforte doubled up remen (straight vs. set) when the tournament was down to two players, leaving them with almost identical stacks, but on the next hand, both players flopped top pair of queens and got all-in. Uncforte’s ace kicker and slight chip lead gave him the bracelet and the $105,329 win.

September 24: WCOOP Event 10

$1000+50 was the buy-in, and $1 Million was the guarantee. Both of those numbers didn’t faze Poker Stars players, 2458 of whom played the fourteen-hour tournament. That drove the first-place prize to the second largest ever awarded at Poker Stars, $442,000.

Jason Strasser (strassa2) had a big chip lead at the start of the final table, which included another star name “BarnyBoatman,” although this is believed not to be the Barney Boatman of Hendon Mob fame.

The event's final table sported some star power with chip leader Jason "strassa2" Strasser. The table also had a player named BarnyBoatman with the poker pro's picture as an avatar, although it was pointed out that the player was likely not actually Boatman.

Ten minutes of heads-up play saw strassa2 put thugmoneymaker all-in on a 988J board. The thug decided to call with AJ, but strassa’s J9 was ahead and held up.

September 24: Party Poker Sunday Million Guaranteed

Perhaps the traffic at the Poker Stars stole too much thunder from the other large Sunday tournaments, but with the Sunday WCOOP buy-in at $1050, it would seem reasonable that the $200 tournaments at the other sites would draw more business. Not so. Party Poker fell $11,400 short of its guaranteed million-dollar prize pool, creating a small overlay.

No player at the final table had a huge chip advantage, so deals were discussed twice, but rejected. After the main dissenter was eliminated in ninth place, an eight-way chip count deal was done, and mrcall12 pocketed $115,294 for the “win.”

September 24: UltimateBet $200,000 Guaranteed

Big tournaments at other sites and the fact that many UB players were in Aruba for the WPT event sponsored by UB meant that there was a $36,400 overlay as this tournament fell 182 players short of its goal.

Previously mentioned “Roothlus” took third here for $18,500. DrBluff1 (1st, $45,000) ended the tournament by knocking out TheMasterJ33 ($27,000) on a bad beat. TheMasterJ33 went all-in preflop with AA, getting a call from DrBluff1 who had more chips. A four came on the river, ending the tournament.

September 24: Full Tilt Poker $250,000 Guaranteed

This tournament continued the trend of Sunday tournaments having trouble making their guarantees. Although Full Tilt Poker did not have to contribute to the prize pool, it was a close call. This tournament played quickly, finishing in less than eight hours.

Heads-up, stakklr had a 3-1 chip lead over FatalBullet when both got all-in on a 987 flop (two spades). Stakklr’s J9 was temporarily ahead of Bullet’s 9 6, but FatalBullet’s flush and open-ended straight draws (and three outs to the six) made her the favorite. The 5 came on the turn, making the stacks essentially even.

The final hand had both players all-in before the flop. FatalBullet’s 88 was in trouble when stakklr flopped a jack to his KJ. The board did not help, and stakklr cashed $56,628 to FatalBullet’s $36,036.

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