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October 18, 2006  
2006 Randy Saylor  

October 8: Poker Stars Sunday Million

The $200+15 Sunday Million at Poker Stars crested the 5500-player mark, putting first place at $162,279. In true ironic fashion, the final table featured seven of nine players from the United States.

Mr. Neverquit was knocked out in third to make the tournament heads-up between Fenster and zach5500. Neverquit’s finish was notable because it was his second prize of over $55,000 this month, after he finished sixth in Event #2 of the World Championship of Online Poker.

Fenster had almost a 2-1 advantage heads-up, and it took less than five minutes for the deciding hand. On a K T 8 flop, the players kept raising the minimum until zach5500 was all-in. Fenster showed K 5 for top pair, and zach5500 had nine outs to the flush with J 4. The spade never came, and zach5500 had to settle for $88,126 and second place.

October 8: Party Poker Million falls short of guarantee

Party Poker’s announcement that it would end access to US players after the expected October 13 signing of the UIGE legislation caused many players to exit the site, even though they were still welcome as of October 8. Although the prize pool was still large, it was also over $80,000 short of the guaranteed million dollars, causing Party Poker yet another hit. To complete the insult, the final table was completely uninteresting, as the final five players chopped the prize pool, ending the tournament immediately. Since the chip counts were relatively close, all five players received between $67,000 and $98,000.

October 8: Full Tilt Poker sets high-water mark

Full Tilt Poker gained some of Party Poker’s loss, drawing 1336 entrants to its $250,000 guaranteed tournament, which starts at 1800 US Eastern time (2200 GMT). When it was down to two, Gbecks (third in last week’s Party Poker million) faced off with tajikrose. Tajikrose made it difficult for Gbecks, often raising all-in with big overbets as the chip leader. Gbecks was finally forced to take a stand, choosing Q 7 to do it with. Tajikrose had an instant call with A 6 meaning Gbecks’ outs to the hearts were no good. The ace on the flop and no miracle meant that tajikrose took home first place and $58,784.

October 8: UltimateBet $200,000 Guaranteed

UltimateBet fell short of its $200,000 guarantee by 124 players, but this was the highest attendance in recent weeks. Excellent online player MrSmokey1 finished fourth. The heads-up match had Ellen00001 with a 2-1 chip lead, but MSUsFinest chipped away until finally taking the lead. Ellen00001 raised preflop, and MSU made an enormous all-in overbet. Ellen called with KQ offsuit, and flopped a queen, but was way behind to MSU’s flopped set of sixes. MSUsFinest cashed $45,000 for the win.

October 8: stays true to the red, white, and blue took a strong stand regarding US poker players. This small but quickly growing poker site may just gain some friends with this strong statement. In a press release, the company stated, “We just wanted to let everyone know that the proposed legislation in the United States will have little to no affect on the operations at We will not be stopping US-based players from playing at and all account balances are 100 percent safe and will always be readily accessibly. Our business is licensed and regulated, perfectly legal under international law and we follow all laws in the jurisdiction where our operations are based (Canada, the UK, Netherlands Antilles, Australia). A lot of players seem to be choosing as their new site of choice, which is great news for everyone and we look forward to the day when US politicians realize their errors and decide to regulate one of their country’s favorite pastimes, playing poker with their friends online.”

October 8: Poker player trading cards expected

Razor Entertainment has announced a series of trading cards to take advantage of the demand for poker memorabilia in the wake of poker’s recent explosion in popularity. Like baseball and football cards, the cards feature photographs of the players on one side, with history and biographical information on the other.

The series of 37 cards was made with some of the best technologies available to the trading card market to produce extremely high quality. In a statement, executive James Sullivan said, “This is a unique product that will provide players with great exposure in several national retail chains. With a premium quality product and excellent distribution channels, the Razor poker trading card set is a wonderful opportunity for poker professionals to become more recognizable to poker fans both domestically and abroad.”

The cards will be sold at Wal-mart, Blockbuster,, and Target, among others. Notable pros include Scotty Nguyen, Mike Matusow, Phil Hellmuth, Daniel Negreanu, and recent World Series of Poker Main Event top finishers David Williams (second, 2004) and Chris Moneymaker (first, 2003).

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