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October 09, 2006  
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September 26: Party Poker Beta-tests Mac software

Party Poker is in the beta-testing phase of rolling out Mac computer compatible versions of its software. Since the completed software is not available yet, some features are disabled, including access to tournaments, player notes, and hand histories.

September 26: WCOOP Event #12

The World Championship of Online Poker rolled on at Poker Stars, with the $300+20 Pot-Limit Omaha High-Low tournament. The 1303 players enrolled crushed the $200,000 guarantee.

The longest part of this tournament was the final table bubble, which lasted more than thirty hands. With five players at each table, players fought back from the brink of elimination several times. When this final table bubble finally burst, it took out two players, so the last table started with only eight.

The final five players chopped the remaining prize money based on chip counts, leaving $10,000 and the championship bracelet on the table. Mr. Shhhhhhh ended up facing kdhspyder heads-up. The spyder had a 2-1 chip lead, but a big hand reversed that. Two hands later, spyder’s chips all went in on a 2 7 8 flop. Mr. Shhhhhh called, and turned over A 4 5 6 to spyder’s A 7 K Q. Mr. Shhhhhh had a wraparound straight draw and an unbeatable low to his opponent’s middle pair and flush draw. The turn J helped nobody, and the 6 on the river gave Mr. Shhhhhh the straight, the win, and $56,080.

September 27: WCOOP Event #13

This tournament was played in Pot-Limit holdem, with shorthanded tables (maximum six players). The $300+20 buy-in drew 1741 players.

For the second straight day, the final table bubble seemed to last forever. Seven players fought at the final two tables for a long time before being brought to the final table of six.
After battling for over forty hands at the final table with little movement, the six remaining players decided to do a chip count deal and leave $10,000 for first place.

The two heads-up players were dnKid and spaceMe. “dnKid” added steadily to a 3-2 chip advantage until it was more than 3-1. Still, it took three pot-sized raises to get all-in preflop on the final hand, when dnKid’s AQ went to showdown against A9. Neither player got any help, and the queen kicker was good for an $87,560 win.

September 28: Italy moves to de-regulate certain online gaming

The Italian government has had a stormy relationship with online gaming providers. First, the country attempted to block internet access of all online gaming sites. When that effort failed (primarily through use of anonymous proxy servers), the government then turned to an online poker site, promising exclusive access to the Italian market in exchange for a percentage of the take.

After this period of doubt, Italy is now making its position completely clear: all “ability-based and fixed betting activities” are legal online effective January 1, 2007. In exchange for this access, companies will return a three per cent tax on net revenue from Italian players to the government.

September 28: WCOOP Event #14

The smallest field of this year’s WCOOP field lined up for the $500+30 Limit Stud High-Low Split, but it still took almost twelve hours to end the 581-player tournament.

The heads-up battle featured kwob20 (winner of this year’s Event #5) against TroppoBravo, with kwob20 holding a 5-2 advantage. Troppo earned some of that back before the momentum turned back to kwob. Troppo broke the cardinal Stud rule of not playing when you can’t beat your opponent’s board. “kwob” had a 99 showing that beat Troppo’s hidden 88, yet Troppo represented more. When seventh street brought Troppo a third eight, the fact that kwob’s concealed third nine made the cardinal rule even more pertinent.

TroppoBravo started a later hand with (27) 43 and pushed hard on the low draw, hoping to get a lucky high hand to scoop the pot. The AJ showing in kwob’s hand didn’t deter him. Troppo’s final three cards were KQK, so the low never materialized. His pair of kings lost when kwob revealed the ace in the hole he had held all along. The $68,267 prize went to the first-ever multiple-bracelet winner (in a single calendar year).

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