Moneymaker Millionaire at Poker Stars
Aug 01, 2006  
© 2006 Randy Saylor  

Poker Stars wants to know.

In spring of 2003, a virtually unknown player called “Money800” on Poker Stars invested $40 in a World Series of Poker satellite. He won a trip to Las Vegas and an entry into the $10,000 Main Event. A few months later, he was $2.5 Million richer and had almost single-handedly started the next boom in poker. His underdog story has inspired countless players to start clicking their mouse in virtual poker rooms. The unknown “Money800” is now known worldwide as accountant-turned-millionaire Chris Moneymaker.

Poker Stars is matching Moneymaker’s 2003 win with $2.5 Million of their own, to be given out in a massive freeroll event encompassing five months.


Round 1 - Daily Tournaments

Every Poker Stars account holder gets one entry into a daily freeroll. After that, you can enter unlimited times for 10 FPPs (frequent player points). The top 50 finishers (out of 8000-10000 entrants) advance to round two. There are three daily Round 1 events. They can be accessed from the Tournaments>>Freerolls tab or the Events>>$2.5M Freeroll tab.

Round 2 - Weekly Tournaments

The odds of winning improve dramatically after you survive the Round 1 madness. Approximately 1200 players made it to the first Round 2 event, and 240 of them advanced to round 3. The weekly tournaments are held on Saturdays at 1400 US Eastern time, and can only be entered by winning a Round 1 tournament.

Round 3 - Monthly Tournament

The odds remain good for the 1000-1200 players lucky enough to advance to Round 3. The top 120 finishers each month receive at least $100, and the final table participants are in for some serious winnings, including a fabulous mid-winter trip to the Bahamas.

The top 5 or 6 places (changes monthly) win a $3000 stay at the five-star Atlantis Resort on Paradise Island, which includes seven nights’ accommodations and food. If you doubt the five-star rating of this resort, check out the movie After the Sunset starring Salma Hayek and Pierce Brosnan. The portrayal of that fabulous property will effectively remove your doubts.

These players also win $1000 to cover travel expenses to the Bahamas, and will play in the three-table live final of the series. All 27 live final players win at least $5000. Places 18 through 14 win $10,000, and 13 through 10 win $20,000. Final table players win much more, including $820,000 and an Aston Martin DB9 Volante for the overall winner.

The remaining final table players in each monthly tournament win the $3000 Bahamas trip, $1000 for travel, and a $5000 entry into the Poker Stars Caribbean Adventure tournament (PCA).

Only 1 of every 150-200 players entered will win Round 1 of the freeroll. These are terribly long odds for even the best players in the world. The payoffs, however, would make the entire effort worth it. The trip to Atlantis alone will bring a lifetime of memories, and the PCA tournament is one of the most exciting on the big-tournament circuit. Go for it, and look me up when you get to the Bahamas. What else are you going to do in January?

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