Daniel Negreanu and friends are Stacked!
Jul 20, 2005  
by Greg Cavouras  

With the boom in Poker’s popularity, the sports ambassadors are looking for new and creative ways to expand the market. On this note, Daniel Negreanu and a superstar cast of Poker pros are allying to create Poker’s first top notch video game. The pending release of Stacked is just the latest manifestation of the public’s love affair with the world’s greatest game.


In addition to frontman Negreanu, Stacked features six other top pros; Evelyn Ng, David Williams, Erick Lindgren, Josh Arieh, Jennifer Harman and Juan Carlos Mortensen. With a line-up that includes 7 of the world’s top players, it’s easy to see where the name “Stacked” came from!


Stacked promises to revolutionize Poker video games; while it isn’t the first video game featuring Poker, none have ever come close to what Stacked will offer. Front and centre among Stacked features is the Artificial Intelligence Engine; Stacked claims they have replicated real play with this engine, named Poki. According to developers, 10 years of research has gone into making this game adapt to the player’s playing style. The result looks to be the most real to life experience possible, creating a challenging opponent with a dynamic style capable of exposing the player’s weaknesses.


Another exciting feature in Stacked is the Career mode; you can start your game as a rookie on the pro tour, and with practice and luck, you may progress to the top of the virtual poker world. Along the way, Daniel Negreanu’s poker school, featuring video and in-depth instruction, teaches you how to play top tier hold’em, from basic gameplay to advanced strategies. This feature alone may draw many customers to this game, as we could all stand to learn a thing or two from Daniel!


While the game play looks to be impressive on its own, the biggest draw of this game will be the online play. As this game is available on multiple platforms, it will be possible to network for online play, allowing players to compete against others from around the world.


Stacked has created a buzz before it’s even been released! Apart from the anticipation among millions of poker fans, Stacked recently partnered with media giant MTV, further raising the ante. With an ultra elite cast of pros, the best software engine ever developed for a Poker game, online networking, multiple platform availability, and MTV promotion, I would say the creators have put together a winning combination. I think I speak for Poker enthusiasts everywhere when I say I’m definitely looking forward to sitting down at a Stacked table!

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