Bonuses at Crypto Sites
2006 Randy Saylor  

Part One and Part Two of this series are an FAQ about the sites in general. This section lists the individual bonuses offered by each site.

Show me the bonuses!

Of course. Here they are.

William Hill (Hourly Bonus and Casino Bonus)

William Hill is the online arm of a very reputable sports book. They give 25 (British Pounds) per month for playing five hours at any $1/2 limit or above ($0.50/1 blinds or above for pot-limit and no-limit). The timer runs as long as you are active in the play (not sitting out). You can play multiple tables and the time adds concurrently (3 tables at 1:40 each would clear the bonus). No monthly deposit is required to clear this bonus; you can play with funds already in your account. Simply log in sometime every month, play five total hours, and watch your account grow accordingly.

No PIN is required to cashout. Accounts can be in a choice of currency. The value of 25 at current exchange rates is about $47. Checking your bonus is easy to do in the Account Statement page of the client software. This is not a stackable bonus. The play requirements must be completed each calendar month or the bonus is forfeited for that month.

William Hill does occasionally allow a monthly casino bonus that is essentially risk-free. From the poker client, download the casino software and move $80 to your casino account. This will be matched with an $80 bonus. You can then play casino games (perhaps flat-betting at blackjack using perfect strategy). The casino bonus is played first, so if you stop if your cash gets down to $80, you have played the casino risk-free. There is a wagering requirement of 25x the bonus to cash out winnings, but since it’s risk-free, why not give it a shot?

InterPoker/InterCasino (Raked Hands Bonus or Casino Bonus)

InterPoker’s monthly deposit bonus of 100% up to $100 requires a bonus code that can be found by clicking in the cashier window when you make your deposit. This is not an hourly bonus, but is simply one of the best bonuses on the internet for Limit Holdem players. The bonus is a 5x dealt raked hands bonus at $1/2 limit, meaning for every 5 hands you are dealt cards, you clear $1 in bonus (whether you contribute to the pot or not). This bonus should clear at about $9 per hour at $1/2 and above.

No-limit players are somewhat shutout of this bonus unless they play at $200 buy-in tables ($1/2 blinds), so they may consider chasing this bonus in the InterCasino. Simply clicking on the “Play Casino” button in the poker client will take you to the casino home page. A java no-download interface is available for casino play.

Interpoker is a deposit bonus, so a new deposit of $100 must be made monthly to receive the full bonus. The casino bonus and the poker bonus cannot be completed in the same month.

TotalBet/UK Betting (Monthly Hourly Bonus, Special Hands Bonus and Casino Bonus)

These poker sites also feature 25 monthly bonuses for five hours of play. No deposit is required if you have sufficient funds at the site to play 1/2 or above (both sites use only British Pounds for currency, so there is a small charge for currency conversion).

Both sites regularly offer specific hands bonuses for receiving certain hole cards. If you receive such a hand (check the site before playing for that day’s hand), note the deal number and email support to receive your bonus.

Monthly deposit casino bonuses are available. You automatically receive a casino bonus upon your first deposit, so your available balance will always be higher than your actual balance. Simply play the required five hours of poker and ignore the casino bonus amount if you’re not interested.

Caribbean Sun (First Deposit Bonus, Monthly Bonus)

For the first month, this is one of the best bonuses out there, because the first deposit bonus and the monthly bonus can be cleared concurrently. Deposit $100 to get the $50 bonus. This bonus requires 250 raked hands (where the rake reaches one unit of the currency used at the table). Quarters of raked hands are credited when the rake falls short of that level.

The monthly play bonus is $40 for 200 raked hands (as described above). Clearing these bonuses simultaneously the first month means about a $9/hour return at $1/2 or about $18/hour at $3/6. The monthly bonus will clear at about $8/hour at the higher limits.

Deposits are not required to play the monthly bonuses if you have sufficient funds in your account.

Ritz Club (Monthly Hourly Bonus)

If you are outside the USA or Australia, the monthly 25 bonus for five hours of play should be in your rotation. This is similar to the other monthly hourly-play bonuses.

Littlewoods (Monthly Raked Hands Bonus)

Awards 25 for 200 hands raked at $1 or more. No deposit necessary.

Classic Poker (First Deposit Bonus)

If you play at $3/6 or above (or $100 NL or above), Classic Poker’s 25% up to $100 first deposit bonus may be for you. It clears at the amazing rate of five raked hands (when the rake reaches $1) per $1 of bonus. If you play at lower limits, this clears very slowly.

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Carbon Poker
100% up to $600
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Aced Poker
150% up to $750
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PDC Poker
100% up to $600