StatKing Review
Oct 17, 2005  
by Jason Kirk  

Anyone who's serious about their poker play keeps track of their play in one form or another. The old-fashioned way to do this is to keep a log by hand, either in a notebook or in a spreadsheet or database file, recording details about every session you play: how long the session lasted, what game they played, and how much they won or lost. Recording by hand does help on one front - giving the player a sense of continuity to hammer home the point that poker is "one long session." However, analyzing your play in any sort of real depth is nearly impossible using this method. In order to learn as much as possible from the data you generate it's necessary to have a computer program that can dissect your results and give you usable statistics. One such program is StatKing, by Tod Levi.

StatKing fills a different need for poker players than a program like PokerTracker, which is useful for analyzing play within a given session and understanding how to tighten your game up for maximum effectiveness. Levi's program allows players to take a wider view of their game by tracking long-term trends in their bankroll. It all starts with entering the date, length, location, game, and result of your sessions into the program. There is also a field for entering comments on a given session so you can take notes on your results. Once you've entered all this information, StatKing has a record of your session - and once it has information on multiple sessions, the power of the program begins to unlock.

There are three different analytical views in StatKing: graphs, stat sheets, and "The Professor." The graphs are always present - they can be enlarged to take up the entire screen, but if another view is in use the graphs take up the bottom right corner of the StatKing screen. The stat sheets break down information in five different categories: totals, streaks, landmarks, win/loss, and hours. Each of these views gives a wealth of information that allows you to understand how well you have been playing. Do you want to know the largest upswing in your bankroll has been since you started keeping track of your sessions? What about the best single day you've had? Or maybe your win rate on weekends? All of this information can be accessed from the stat sheets. Even better, you can filter your data so that you only see information on a particular game or location, e.g. your results from all 4-8 limit hold'em games at Grand Casino Tunica.

Perhaps the single most useful portion of StatKing is "The Professor." This screen consists of seven questions - ranging from whether you are a winning player, to the bankroll you need to play your chosen games, to what the maximum amount of money you can win is - and a photo of poker guru David Sklansky. When you select a question, a speech bubble pops up near Sklansky and he gives you the answers you want - and if you leave him along too along, he'll toss out a humorous statement about the data you've provided him. His answers factor in your sample size and the accuracy of your win rate as determined by the software. Asking The Professor these questions can give you valuable insights into how well you're playing over the long-term. Just like the other analytical tools included in StatKing, the sets of data you feed into The Professor can be filtered so you can analyze your performance in specific games - and he will let you know if your sample size is too small to make accurate assessments of your play.

While StatKing won't help you to improve your game, it will help you figure out whether changes you make to the way you play are paying off in the long term. That's the kind of information that's just as valuable as how well you play particular starting hands, but which many players overlook. A 50-session limited demo is available directly from the publisher, ConJelCo, and a key to register and unlock the full version can be purchased from the company for $29.95. For the powerful insights you get when you register, this program is well worth the price.

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