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Poker On Film
Sept 29, 2005

Whether it's the focus of the plot or a device used to move things along, true to life or "colored up" for mass consumption, poker has been a part of numerous...

Free Poker
Sept 29, 2005

Somebody once said that playing poker without money isn't really playing poker at all. In most cases that's true, but the poker boom has led to the emergence of "free poker."

WSOP Circuit Harrah's Las Vegas Recap
Sept 27, 2005

The second event of the World Series of Poker Circuit 2005-06 season finished up recently at Harrah's Las Vegas. What a difference a month makes! Fewer than...

Marcel Luske - Poker Player
Sept 26, 2005

Over the last five years Marcel Luske has been something like the Kevin Bacon is to the film world, the guy who's been at the final table with most of the poker best...

Chip Jett - Poker Player
Sept 26, 2005

Chip Jett is a familiar face to anyone who watches the World Poker Tour broadcasts on the Travel Channel. His final table appearances at the Party Poker Million II, the...

Playing Large Tournaments
Sept 24, 2005

There are few things that characterize the poker boom better than large live multi-table tournaments. When over 800 players entered the WSOP Main Event in 2003, it...

Max Pescatori - Poker Player
Sept 23, 2005

Max Pescatori may not be a familiar name to you yet, but if the man known as "the Italian Pirate" keeps up his winning ways he'll be as recognizable a pro as there is on the...

Mike Matusow - Poker Player
Sept 22, 2005

There are few players on the tournament circuit as colorful as Mike Matusow. Whether he's talking smack while he runs over his table, talking about the size of his cojones on...

Paul Phillips - Poker Player
Sept 21, 2005

Paul Phillips has been playing in big poker tournaments since the late 1990s, after making a lot of money the height of the dot-com boom by selling stock he earned...

Improve your Poker
Sept 20, 2005

Unless they've come across his columns in Card Player magazine, players new to poker probably don't know who Bob Ciaffone is. His name is not one that you read in...

The Long Run
Sept 19, 2005

It's important to gain the ability to put whatever happens behind you because poker is a two-headed beast, a game of skill where people repeatedly get lucky. Chris...

The Theory of Poker by David Sklansky
Sept 18, 2005

The Theory of Poker is inarguably a classic text on the American game, if for no other reason than its explanation of the Fundamental Theorem of Poker, which begins like...

Bankroll Management
Sept 17, 2005

As a poker player, your bankroll is your lifeblood. Without it you can’t play - it doesn’t get any simpler than that. Despite this simple truth, many people don’t see bankroll...

Building the Perfect Home Game
Sept 16, 2005

Poker is a great game for a lot of reasons. There's the money to be won, which is an obvious draw for a lot of people. Then there's the opportunity for competition...

A Poker Player's Education Part 2
Sept 15, 2005

Hold'em is all the rage today, but the poker players who win the most money consistently are those who are comfortable playing any game. There probably has never..

A Poker Player's Education Part 1
Sept 14, 2005

A solid poker player facing you across the table is not just an opponent, he's the end result of a lot of different processes meshing together. The most obvious of these is

Aruba and EPT Roundup
Sept 13, 2005

Atlantic City's two September tournaments are big news, but so are the three being held outside the U.S. From the sunny Caribbean, on to balmy Spain, and ending in...

Limit Hold'em - Tightening Up
Sept 12, 2005

When relatively new players who are most familiar with no-limit hold'em sit down at a limit hold'em table, the game can sometimes confuse them. Those players who have been...

The Borgata Poker Open & the US Poker Championship
Sept 11, 2005

There are two big live tournaments running in the U.S. this month, and both of them are being held in Atlantic City.

Why Play Limit Poker
Sept 10, 2005

The first rule of playing limit poker is that it is not no-limit poker. That's worth saying so I'll repeat it in bold letters. Limit poker is not no-limit poker. Memorize that..

Titan Poker Review
Sept 09, 2005

Titan Poker is the newest member of the iPoker network, and is owned by the same people who brought you Noble Poker (before it was purchased by Empire). If you've..

Harrah's Las Vegas Update - WSOP Circuit Events
Sept 08, 2005

The second stop of this year's World Series of Poker Circuit began on September 5th in Las Vegas at Harrah's on the Strip. So far three events have been held - the LIPS Tour..

Honey and Vinegar
Sept 07, 2005

In a recent low-level online limit hold'em session I managed to find myself at a pretty juicy table. There were usually a minimum of three people seeing every flop, and...

Trouble Hands - K-J
Sept 06, 2005

One of the mistakes that many beginning poker players make is assuming that any two face cards combined will make a great starting hand. Sometimes this can be...

Switching Gears in SnG
Sept 05, 2005

Having a basic strategy is a must for anyone who plays tournaments, especially quick-moving no-limit hold'em sit-and-go tourneys. Without one you're basically hanging in..

Online Poker Tournaments in September - Part 3
Sept 04, 2005

We've seen the tournaments available at six different card rooms so far; let's take a look around at a few more before wrapping up our list of satellites and other tournaments...

Online Poker Tournaments in September - Part 2
Sept 03, 2005

In the first part of this article we took a look at some of the tournaments being held in September at UltimateBet, PokerStars, and Empire Poker. Let's cruise around and...

Online Poker Tournaments in September - Part 1
Sept 02, 2005

August was a great month for online tournaments, and September is shaping up to be even bigger. Let's begin with a look at some of our favorite poker rooms and see..

Hoyt Corkins Interview
Sept 01, 2005

With his trademark cowboy hat and sunglasses and his aggressive style of play, Hoyt Corkins is one of the more recognizable professional poker players on the tournament

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