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An Exciting Satellite Finish Part Two
Oct 31, 2006
Seat two won when forced all-in, holding 82. Seat four was knocked out a few hands later, so we were down to nine. Seat six then won two straight hands while all-in in the...
An Exciting Satellite Lesson
Oct 30, 2006
Sometimes we make good plays that don’t work out well, and sometimes we make bad plays that turn out for the best. Recently I made a play that seemed proper at the..
Defining Poker Bankrolls
Oct 28, 2006
The standard bankrolls for various poker games are a source of much discussion among regular poker players. This article defines the ideal bankroll for regular play at
The Bankroll Myth
Oct 28, 2006
Just how important is the size of a recreational poker player’s bankroll in relation to their chosen limits? A related article, Defining Bankrolls, takes a look at the various ways
Side Pots
Oct 18, 2006
Have you played online poker and noticed two separate virtual piles of chips in the middle of the table? Have you seen an all-in situation where one player clearly wins the..
Mechanics of Side Pots
Oct 18, 2006
The blinds are 500/1000, with an ante of 50. With ten players at the table, there are 500 in antes in the pot, plus the blinds. Player one decides to call (but he doesn’t have
Poker Jokes
Oct 18, 2006
What is the…difference between a large pizza and a professional poker player? The large pizza can feed a family of four. I was playing poker…with Tarot cards. I got
Online Poker News for October 9,10,11,13
Oct 18, 2006
FirePay is probably the second-most popular method to transfer money to online poker sites behind Neteller. Some players, who have had restricted access to Neteller due to
Online Poker News for October 8
Oct 18, 2006
Mr. Neverquit was knocked out in third to make the tournament heads-up between Fenster and zach5500. Neverquit’s finish was notable because it was his second
Online Poker News for October 5,6
Oct 18, 2006
Two long-time allies, the United States and the United Kingdom, may find themselves at odds over the recent US passage of legislation designed to curb internet gaming.
Will Online Gaming from the US End?
Oct 09, 2006
The recent passage of the Safe Port Act by the United States’ Congress would seem to have no bearing on online poker players or casino patrons, save for a virtual last...
Analysis of the UIGE by Gambling Attorney Nelson Rose
Oct 09, 2006
Nelson Rose is a preeminent specialist attorney in the field of gambling law. His response to the UIGE follows.
Online Poker News for October 2, 3, 4
Oct 09, 2006
Harrah’s, the parent company of the World Series of Poker, confirmed it received a buyout bid from an investor’s group. Harrah’s would not comment on the....
Online Poker News for September 29, 30
Oct 09, 2006
This $500+30 Pot-Limit Omaha (High Only) event drew 867 entries for another prize that would exceed the guarantee by almost 50 per cent. The funniest joke in online poker....
Online Poker News for September 26, 27, 28
Oct 09, 2006
Party Poker is in the beta-testing phase of rolling out Mac computer compatible versions of its software. Since the completed software is not available yet, some features are
Other Poker Games Online
Oct 04, 2006
Holdem, Omaha, Omaha Hi-Lo, and Stud are easy games to find online. All poker sites at least offer them, even if nobody plays them. Going to Poker Stars, Full Tilt Poker...
Playing Poker Professionally
Oct 04, 2006
It’s probably safe to say that anybody who has played a few hands of poker and won a few pots has at least considered the possibility of playing for a living. The....
Statements From Online Poker Sites Regarding US Legislation
Oct 03, 2006
The Unlawful Internet Gaming Enforcement Act of 2006, which was passed in amendment form by the US Congress on October 2, has generated a lot of buzz. Much analysis..
Online Poker News for September 20
Oct 03, 2006
Poker Stars has demonstrated its unique ability to lowball guaranteed prize pools in this year’s World Championship of Online Poker (WCOOP), and Event Five, the $500+30..
Online Poker News for September 20
Oct 03, 2006
Winners of a special $55 MTT at Doyle’s Room held on October 29 will receive a $5000 trip to Big Fork, MT (near Doyle’s ranch) to take part in the first-ever “System Poker
Online Poker News for September 20
Oct 03, 2006
Main sponsor Full Tilt Poker an the ABC Television Network brought 24 professional poker players together will twelve amateurs for an interesting tournament format. The South

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