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WSOP Circuit at Caesars Indiana - Day 2
Oct 31, 2005

Day Two of the World Series of Poker Circuit Main Event at Caesars Indiana was a short one by anybody's standards. The field that began the tournament was smaller than...

WSOP Circuit at Caesars Indiana - Day 1
Oct 31, 2005

The $10,000 buy-in Main Event kicked off just after noon today at the inaugural WSOP Circuit event held at Caesars Indiana. The newly-renovated poker room here in...

Carlos Mortensen - Professional Poker Player
Oct 30, 2005

If you ever find yourself sitting to the right of Carlos Mortensen at a tournament table, watch out! The man known as "The Matador" has a reputation as one of the..

Endgame Tips
Oct 29, 2005

While some players seem to have an instinctive knowledge of how to wield the big stack in the endgame, the vast majority who find themselves in this position for the first...

Paradise Million Dollar Freeroll
Oct 29, 2005

As expected, the response to Paradise's promotion was enormous. Thousands of people entered the freeroll, and after weeks of qualifying rounds the final tournament...

The Jack Binion World Poker Open
Oct 27, 2005

The World Poker Open may not rival the World Series of Poker in terms of outright prestige, but it is certainly a favorite among players. Tunica is known for its Southern...

The Party Poker Million
Oct 26, 2005

As one of the charter tournaments on the World Poker Tour, the Party Poker Million carries a lot of prestige in today's crowded tournament schedule. The players who...

No Limit Playing Styles to Avoid
Oct 25, 2005

Yesterday I examined three styles of no-limit play that are often very successful in no-limit hold'em - The Loose-Aggressive player, the Tight-Aggressive player, and the...

No Limit Hold'em Playing Styles
Oct 24, 2005

One of the things about no-limit hold'em that even the greenest players will pick up on quickly is that there is no one style that guarantees wins. If you play long enough...

Beating Bad Players
Oct 23, 2005

When most players begin playing poker they aren't out to make a lot of money, though they certainly don't mind when lots of chips come their way. Having fun is the...

UltimateBet Poker
Oct 22, 2005

UltimateBet's software is laid out in a very efficient manner, using screen space well without any waste. Down the left side of the lobby are all the maintenance options...

Running Bad?
Oct 22, 2005

Sooner or later, no matter how skilled he may be, every poker player is going to hit an extended run of poor results. There are few things in poker that will test a...

Why play poker?
Oct 20, 2005

Anyone who's serious about their poker play keeps track of their play in one form or another. The old-fashioned way to do this is to keep a log by hand, either in a notebook...

24h Poker Room Review
Oct 20, 2005

24h Poker's setup is most certainly not pretty, but it is thankfully much easier on the eyes than sites like Party Poker thanks to its blue-and-white color scheme.

World Poker Tour Season 4
Oct 19, 2005

Outside of the World Series of Poker, the World Poker Tour is the most recognizable tournament series in the game today. Its weekly broadcasts on the Travel Channel the...

StatKing Review
Oct 17, 2005

Anyone who's serious about their poker play keeps track of their play in one form or another. The old-fashioned way to do this is to keep a log by hand, either in a notebook...

Professional Poker Tour
Oct 17, 2005

The World Poker Tour has been a major hit since its inception in 2002. The combination of big buy-in tournaments at the most exclusive casino resorts in the...

Adopting a Table Persona
Oct 15, 2005

One of the many enjoyable aspects of poker is that it's an escape from the real world. When you sit at the poker table, online or in a casino, nothing says you have to be...

Poker: The Real Deal by Phil Gordon
Oct 15, 2005

Phil Gordon is well known as a professional poker player, having appeared at final tables both on the World Poker Tour and at events in the World Series of Poker. For the...

Small Stakes Tournaments
Oct 13, 2005

Micro-stakes multi-table no-limit hold'em tournaments - those with buy-ins between $1 and $5 - abound on the internet today. They can be a fun way to pass the time...

Small Stakes Holdem by Ed Miller
Oct 12, 2005

Ever since Doyle Brunson published Super System, there hasn't been a more cost-effective way to learn how to play poker than reading. Where players in the era before...

Maximizing Expectation
Oct 11, 2005

People play poker for many reasons. Some people just enjoy tossing chips around and don't care whether they win or lose. Others enjoy the challenge of matching wits...

No-Limit Life by Charlie Shoten
Oct 10, 2005

Poker is a game of endless fascination because it operates on so many different levels. In many ways poker is a numbers game, completely described by the underlying...

Jennifer Tilly - Professional Poker Player
Oct 09, 2005

Since the late 1980s Jennifer Tilly has been best known as an actress, having appeared in well over 100 movies and television shows such as Bound, Bride of Chucky...

Phil Laak - Professional Poker Player
Oct 08, 2005

Phil "The Unabomber" Laak may not have decades of poker experience under his belt, but his television tournament appearances have made him one of the more popular...

Erick Lindgren - Professional Poker Player
Oct 07, 2005

Some of the most successful poker players of the last few years have been under the age of 30, and among the top of that group is Erick Lindgren. At only 27 years of age...

Tournaments vs. Cash Games
Oct 06, 2005

Many of today's newer poker players come to the game through television exposure - not too surprising given the explosion in poker programming over the last three...

Mike Sexton - Poker Player
Oct 05, 2005

Mike Sexton is as close to a household name as you'll find in the poker world today. Between his endorsement contract with Party Poker to his job as commentator...

Online Poker Tournaments in October
Oct 01, 2005

Every new month brings a new crop of promotions at all your favorite online card rooms. Whether you're looking for big guaranteed prize pools or satellites to...

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