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U.S. Celebrities Endorsing Online Gambling Operations
Nov 28, 2005

According to some experts, celebrities who endorse offshore casinos may be legally liable for aiding and...

Poker Thanksgiving
Nov 25, 2005

The American holiday of Thanksgiving is a time of reflection, when we take a long look at the things we have and how we came to have them. It's hard not to be...

Avoiding Burnouts in Poker
Nov 25, 2005

Few things can be as dangerous to a serious poker player as burnout. The key to building a bankroll over time is to play a high volume of hands, and hitting burnout makes...

What makes a Great Poker Player?
Nov 25, 2005

What makes a great poker player? The question is deceptively simple. The obvious answer is that they win, but taking a look at the question on a deeper level...

Positively Fifth Street by James McManus
Nov 22, 2005

When it comes to telling a good story, there's nothing quite like a good murder mystery. If you add drugs, gambling, and a family struggle to the picture things only get more...

Joseph Hachem - Professional Poker Player
Nov 22, 2005

A look at the top of the all-time poker tournament money list today finds an unlikely name standing above all the world-class professionals you'd expect to find there...

Kathy Liebert - Professional Poker Player
Nov 22, 2005

When you think of the most skilled women playing poker today, Kathy Liebert has to be at the top of the list. From her humble beginnings in Colorado's low-limit poker rooms..

2005 World Poker Finals
Nov 22, 2005

This year's World Poker Finals at Foxwoods Resort Casino concluded just a few days ago when the final table of the Main Event finally concluded. The casino in Mashantucket..

Controversy over 2006 WSOP Schedule
Nov 19, 2005

Often times an event that becomes monumental down the line is begun simply and humbly. Take, for instance, the World Series of Poker. What is now a venerable...

Tournament Endgame Plays
Nov 19, 2005

Players who aren't accustomed to making it deep into tournaments, but find themselves there anyway, often miss great opportunities for improving their standing due...

Mixing up your Home Game
Nov 19, 2005

There are few forms of poker more fun than a friendly home game. Having friends over to throw cards and chips around while kicking back a few beers will never replace...

Poker Challenges
Nov 16, 2005

When you sit at the poker table, it can seem like everyone is out to get you. The other players sitting in the game want to take your money. The house is taking its share...

Caro's Book of Poker Tells
Nov 16, 2005

At the beginning of the Book of Poker Tells, Caro sets forth his Great Law of Tells: "Players are either acting or they aren't. If they are acting, then decide what they want...

When Not to Play Poker
Nov 14, 2005

Before the emergence of readily available online poker, it wasn't always easy for someone who wanted to play to find a game. If you lived far from a casino and didn't...

Poker Etiquette
Nov 14, 2005

Online poker has been a mixed blessing in a lot of ways. On the positive side, people who live far from casinos and don't want to play in underground games can enjoy a...

Shut up and Deal by Jesse May
Nov 12, 2005

Enter Jesse May, American poker player and writer, whose novel Shut Up and Deal tells it like it is - and then some. It's completely obvious from the outset that May is the real...

The Art of Losing Tournaments
Nov 12, 2005

Poker players were once notorious for not giving up the secrets of how they were able to make so much money. Then Doyle Brunson published Super System and...

Ted Forrest - Professional Poker Player
Nov 11, 2005

In the last year or two, Ted Forrest has become a fixture at televised poker tournament final tables. His knowledge of the game is thorough, his demeanor at the table is...

Online Poker Tournaments in November - Part 4
Nov 09, 2005

Plenty of big tournaments worth playing are running at Bodog this month. One of the most attractive is the weekly $100,000 Guaranteed Tournament, running every...

Online Poker Tournaments in November - Part 3
Nov 08, 2005

Tournaments at Doyle's Room seem to get bigger every month. As traffic in the room increases, so do the guaranteed prize pools. The biggest of these is the...

Online Poker Tournaments in November - Part 2
Nov 07, 2005

In the last year or two, Ted Forrest has become a fixture at televised poker tournament final tables. His knowledge of the game is thorough, his demeanor at the table is...

Online Poker Tournaments in November - Part 1
Nov 06, 2005
The beginning of each month brings a whole new schedule of tournaments and promotions at nearly every card room on the internet. Here's a look at some of the best...
World Poker Finals
Nov 05, 2005

Among the oldest tournaments included in the World Poker Tour schedule each year is the World Poker Finals, held at Foxwoods Resort Casino in Mashantucket, CT. This...

WSOP Circuit at Caesars Indiana Recap
Nov 05, 2005

The third stop of this year's World Series of Poker Circuit ended Wednesday when Vinnie Vinh defeated Men "The Master" Nguyen in the $10,000 Main Event. The field for...

Vinnie Vinh wins WSOP Circuit at Caesars Indiana
Nov 03, 2005

Three days of play in the $10,000 Main Event at the Caesars Indiana World Series of Poker Circuit stop eliminated 119 players from contention, leaving only 9 to...

WSOP Circuit at Caesars Indiana - Day 3
Nov 01, 2005

After the second day of play at the World Series of Poker Circuit at Caesars Indiana only lasted three hours, it looked like the third day might be a repeat. After all, with..

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