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LA Poker Classic Main Event - Final Day
Feb 22, 2006
After five days of action at the Commerce Casino in Los Angeles, six players remained to battle it out on the WPT set for a first prize of over $2.3 million. Only two of the...
LA Poker Classic Main Event - Day 5
Feb 22, 2006
After an intense session on Day Four, which saw 17 players eliminated from the field to leave a single ten-handed table, the action was sure to be quick on Day...
LA Poker Classic Main Event - Day 4
Feb 22, 2006
What at first appeared to be a short day in the making turned out to be a drawn-out affair at the LA Poker Classic. Day Four started with a mere 27 players, only a...
LA Poker Classic Main Event - Day 3
Feb 21, 2006
Day Three of the 2006 LA Poker Classic main event was the turning point in the evolution of the tournament, the day on which we all learned who would make the money...
LA Poker Classic Main Event - Day 2
Feb 21, 2006
Day Two of the 2006 LA Poker Classic main event began with the 373 players who had survived Day One's six grueling levels. With the day's play scheduled to go on....
LA Poker Classic Main Event - Day 1
Feb 21, 2006
It doesn't matter what the location is - you're always in the same place when you're at the first day of a major poker tournament. The demographics of the crowd might....
Playing Draws in Limit Hold'em
Feb 16, 2006
Playing draws in limit hold'em is where most players make their biggest mistakes. It's much more difficult to make a mistake when playing a made hand, as the board and...
The Realities of Moving Up
Feb 16, 2006
If you stick around low-level limit hold'em games long enough you'll begin to notice that, contrary to popular belief, there most certainly are players at these tables...
Big Changes at the 2006 World Series of Poker
Feb 13, 2006
Early 2006 has been heavy on the transitions for Harrah's, owners of the World Series of Poker and (at last count) 199 out of every 200 casinos around the world. One of...
Andy Beal and the Corporation
Feb 13, 2006
Andy Beal. Even if you do know the story of the billionaire banker from Texas and his challenges with a group of the best poker players in the world, you've probably never...
Super System 2 by Doyle Brunson Book Review
Feb 13, 2006
There are definitely good parts of Super System 2. Cover your eyes for just a moment, 2+2 fans, while I share something with the rest of the audience: Jennifer....
Building a Support System
Feb 13, 2006
Among all the competitive pursuits popular today, poker is one of the most solitary. Every decision made in the game is up to the individual player - nobody ever forces anyone
Poker Bonuses
Feb 08, 2006
Building a bankroll through low-limit grinding isn't always as easy as beginning (or recovering) players would hope for. The games can be high-variance thanks to the random...
Playing on a Small Bankroll
Feb 07, 2006
If you're a small-stakes player who's serious about building a bankroll and moving up to bigger games, you're in for a bigger challenge than you might know. Starting off with a..
Online Poker Tournaments in February - Part 2
Feb 07, 2006
One of the best places online to qualify for land-based poker tournaments is Doyle's Room, and this February has plenty to offer anyone wanting to satellite into a big...
Online Poker Tournaments in February - Part 1
Feb 05, 2006
One of the best satellite deals at any online poker room is the Winner's Choice tournament at Full Tilt Poker. Not only does the winner get a $12,000 prize package including...
Learning from The Pros
Feb 05, 2006
One of the nicest things about covering no-limit hold'em tournaments is that you get to see the full spectrum of styles that make up a tournament field. Most players....
Michael Mizrachi wins Borgata Winter Poker Open
Feb 03, 2006
Just before midnight on Day Three of the tournament, the lineup for the final TV table of the Borgata Winter Open was finally set with the elimination of online qualifier Peter
Borgata Winter Poker Open - Day 3
Feb 01, 2006
Day Three of the Borgata Winter Open started off with only 33 players, thanks to a quadruple elimination on the last hand of play on Day Two. That left a mere 27 players

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