The Daily Dollar

I’m always amazed at what I find when I actually look around a bit.

Since I already won my way into the $750,000 satellite on Full Tilt I was sitting there looking for something else to use my Full Tilt points on an ran across a Sit n Go for the Daily Dollar.

For a mere 50 FTP’s I was in a 9 person SNG for one of two entries into the Daily Dollar. I ended up winning a spot on my first try, much better than the 8 or 9 it took me to get into the $750k tourney.

Entry fee for the tourney is only $1 as you may have guessed, and it has a $10,000 minimum prize pool with a maximum of 12,000 entries. There were only 6,400 for this one so there was a bit of a layover.

The tourney pays the top 1080 place though. That’s better than 10%, sure the first 400 or so spots only pay $2 or so, but the top place is around $1600

The tourney has a great setup in my opinion, with 3000 starting chips and very reasonable blinds and levels, there is enough time and chips to play a way more interesting game here and I will definitely try and make this tourney a habit as there is very limited risk on this and could have the possibilty of a very nice pay off if I manage to make a deep run one day.

Tripled off the cash on the first try and won another ticket today though I won’t use it as I’m going to kiss goodbye to my 30’s…*sigh*


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