Washington is still Unsafe for Poker Players

The state of Washington must not have a whole lot of things to worry about since one of their top priorities seems to be keeping people from legally playing online poker.  In fact, it is actually a felony in Washington which is pretty baffling since that ranks it up there with actual criminal acts.  Fortunately, there have been enough people lately who have been trying to speak out on behalf of online poker and get this ridiculous law changed. 

Just recently, legalizing online poker was a big subject in Washington again as 70 online poker players protested outside a King County Superior Court while a decision was being made.  The sad thing is that the superior court rejected a bill which would make Internet gambling within the state’s boundaries legal again and there is little hope for the future too.

Of course, the Poker Players Alliance and others within Washington state are not giving up on the matter and they are looking to take their fight to the US Supreme Court.  And honestly, this is probably their only option for getting online poker legalized in the state of Washington since government officials there seem dead set on keeping it a felony as long as possible.

I still can’t believe that Washington would put playing online poker in the same class as armed robbery, rape, and murder.  Obviously it’s not as severe a felony as the aforementioned things, but it is a felony nonetheless.  And if you’d get caught playing online poker multiple times then you could be in for some major trouble!  Hopefully something gets done soon in this state since I’m sure there are plenty of people who’d like to play poker in Washington at some point in their lives.

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