PokerStars trying to prove Poker is Skill Game

By now pretty much everyone that pays attention to poker is tired of hearing the skill vs. gambling argument.  This has been in the news time and time again since lots of people in and around poker are trying to prove the game involves plenty of skill and is not merely gambling.  But I recently came across some interesting news about how PokerStars is on a quest to prove that poker is indeed a skill game so I thought I’d bring up the subject again.

In trying to prove that poker is a skill game, PokerStars hired Cigital to do a study on just how much skill is involved.  So Cigital analyzed 103,273,484 poker hands for their research and the findings they came up with were very interesting.  Their study found that over 3 quarters of the hands played ended without a showdown meaning that the winner was never forced to show their cards.  Basically this means that the actual cards people were dealt had less to do with the outcome than did skilled plays such as making reads and knowing when to bet and fold.

Before this, plenty of people have made the argument that poker involves too much skill to just be considered gambling.  But now there is some actual evidence to back up the argument in that most of the money earned in the game has nothing to do with actual cards.  It would be different if people were dealt cards and simply had to show what they had every time, but that’s obviously not the case here.  I’m not sure if the study will make a huge difference in the ongoing argument, but I hope that it will provide something extra in proving that poker isn’t just gambling.

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