Party Poker could make Return to US

Just a few months ago, Party Poker was making headlines for a very negative reason since one of their founders and majority shareholder Anurag Dikshit turned his back on the poker world and sold out.  Giving in to pressure from the US saying that he violated America’s anti-gambling policy, Dikshit plea bargained to give the country $350 million and still awaits further sentencing.  Basically Dikshit was admitting wrong in a case where the lines are extremely gray and his plea gave into the demands of the UIGEA.

But now Party Poker is in the news for a much different reason and this one is actually positive for poker players.  That’s because Party Poker has announced that they are thinking about re-entering the US market in the “not too distant future”.  Of course there is going to be a lot more to this move than just a simple announcement, but it sounds like Party Poker is going to be back in the United States eventually.

And that’s good news for online poker players in the US since Party Poker typically had some of the best service you could find back before the UIGEA in 2006.  In fact, Party Poker basically ruled the online poker world as they were the biggest room on the planet and were a big part in revolutionizing the game as a whole.

Now Party Poker has shrank to a much smaller size due to its US pull out (though it’s still one of the top 5 or 10 rooms in terms of traffic), but I think that the room will experience a major boom once it does move back to the United States.  It all begins with  them moving to the US though.

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