Full Tilt Poker Site Review

Learn, chat and play poker with the pros.

I really can’t think of a more recognizable slogan for a poker site than the one for Full Tilt Poker. It’s catchy, easy to remember, and describes the advantages in a direct and simple  one line phrase, kudos to the ad company that came up with it.

But does the site live up to it’s hype?

In a word: You better believe they do.

I’ve been playing on Full Tilt Poker for a while now, I’m not sure why I ended up signing up there, but their signup bonus is certainly attractive and in my opinion easy to clear if you are able to at least 2 table the cash games. I presently play 4 table cash games of No Limit Hold’em and will play a couple Tournaments or Multi Table Sit and Go’s (MTT).

There are plenty of games available and though I don’t really have the skills to seriously play them all I have dipped my feet into the Omaha Hi, Stud H/L and Razz games as well. I hope to be able to work on these games an at sometime take a crack at the H.O.R.S.E tournaments on Sit and Go’s (SNG’s), which I really consider to be the Championship belt of best Pound for Pound poker player.

According to the latest statistics, Full Tilt Poker is presently the second largest poker site in the world in terms of players, and I have never had a problem getting a game there. It is friendly to USA players which I’m sure is one of the reasons they have such good membership.

 Attracting a player is one thing, and Full Tilt Poker certainly has some slick marketing out there, one of my friends was the producer for their hilarious “poker face” series of commercials, they sponsor a lot of different events like UFC fighters, and the fact that some of the top poker pros in the game like Phil Ivey and Tom “durrrr” Dwan regularly play the nosebleed (high stakes) games there has to be an attraction.

But it’s more than just that.


It’s all here. Play money, Freeroll tournaments, absolute micro stakes of $.01/$.02 blinds, all the way to the biggest games online where you can watch hundreds of thousands of dollars change hands, you will find what you are looking for here.

Learn chat and play poker with the pros.

You will find yourself actually doing it here, and you don’t have to deposit a million dollar bankroll to do it either. I played with Scott Fischman the other day in one of the micro stakes No Limit Hold’em games. You can log in and watch durrrr and Patrick Antonious trade millions of dollars back and forth on the durrrr Challenge tables. Or  just sit and rail any number of pros that play there on a daily basis.

If watching doesn’t help your game enough you can log into the Full Tilt Poker Academy and go to school. The lessons are short, (about 15 minutes each) and easy to understand. After the lesson you are given either a test or a set of challenges to work on your game which will earn you academy credits to use on merchandise or tournament entries later. This is very helpful to both beginner and novice players looking to sharpen their game.

Full Tilt Poker has a play money option that is great for working on your game too. Be warned that the initial phases of the play money games are pretty loose as players try to instantly build up a stack in order to jump to the next level, you only start with $1000 in the play money games, but after you get up to the $100/$200 games I found the play to be quite good on average. I use this area to work on games that I am trying to learn like Omaha and Razz in order to save my bankroll from taking beginner hits. If you can’t work your way up enough, $500,000 in play money, Full Tilt has some great play money tournaments that can win you some really cash too.


Slick marketing and poker pros doesn’t make you keep playing though, the Full Tilt platform is easy to understand, with lots of options to customize your setup. The starting menu is easy to use and sorts the games out in the way you want in order to be able to quickly find games at your level. Full Tilt Poker is a supported site for tracking software for players who like to catch that extra edge. As discussed I often have 6 tables open and have found no problems at all with speed of gameplay ever. You can choose a number of different visual set ups and customize your buyin and rebuy settings quickly. This is my favourite site in terms of gameplay.


My tournament experiences so far have been limited to the Freerolls, some of the smaller buyin MTT’s, the Heads up Challenge (Which I did pretty damn good in by the way) and some of the satellites into the bigger buyin in games. I have managed to run pretty deep in a number of them and the games all fill up quickly so having enough players to make it worth while is never a problem. They have some interesting specials going on all the time and though I’m not a real tournament specialist, I will be taking a shot at some of these in the future to try and go deep and build up the bankroll.

Full Tilt also offers the option to set up private tournaments, again something I will be doing in the future if anyone is interested.


In this day and age this is an area where I find you can really set yourself aside from the competition, and they do. I have  corresponded with the staff at Full Tilt poker on a couple of questions and/or  issues now and have always received a timely, well written and knowledgeable response back. This is what will ultimately keep me at the site in the long run. It’s nice to get a response back that you can tell wasn’t canned, and that they took the time to look at your issue and suggest/fix/address it.

All in all I really don’t have anything bad to say about the site, I like the instant tiling feature that Part Poker had on their site, but other than that I can’t see anything that is missing for myself.

Hope to see you there.


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