Making Sense of Vanessa Rousso’s SI Appearrance

Vanessa Rousso has made a big name for herself in the poker world with her game as well as her looks.  This poker babe has earned a 7th place finish at the WPT Championship event and has also cashed or won in several other meaningful events.  But recently, it has been her looks that has her name out in the news now since she recently appeared in the 2009 Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazine.

Now obviously Rousso is definitely one of the hottest women ever to play poker and she is attractive in any kind of setting, but I never really thought of her as top notch model material.  After all, most of the women who make it into the SI Swimsuit magazine have dedicated their lives to developing the look and demeanor that will land them somewhere within the pages of the Swimsuit Edition.  Vanessa, on the other hand, spends a lot of her time at the poker tables and has made her living here while attending law school.

Then I found out that Rousso is not officially one of the models in the Swimsuit Issue, but rather someone featured in the advertising portion of the magazine.  She is featured in a two page spread where she is “swimming with the sharks”.  The ad is courtesy of PokerStars which is trying to promote their room everywhere now since they have plenty of funds to go around.

Vanessa definitely looks good in the advertisement and I think it’s a really cool advertisement by PokerStars in their effort to draw SI readers to their room.  However, I don’t think Vanessa will be leaving poker anytime soon to take the modeling world by storm.

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