Are Bad Beat Jackpots Lotteries in Disguise?

It seems like every poker room has some kind of bad beat jackpot amongst their list of promotions.  These bad beat jackpots award players who are dealt a horrific bad beat with a huge sum of cash.   The majority of the time, a bad beat jackpot is progressive too so the amount in it just keeps getting bigger and bigger.

A good example of this can be seen at Carbon Poker where their bad beat jackpot has reached epic proportions with over $1 million in the pool.  And people are flocking to the bad beat tables at Carbon Poker in order to try and win this jackpot which has gone unclaimed since it was started in the middle of 2008.  But herein lies the problem, the jackpot has never been claimed!

Now it’s certainly an admirable goal to try and win a bad beat jackpot as big as this, but is it really an acheivable goal or something worth going after?  And this goes for all of the bad beat jackpots in the industry as well since they are equally as hard (if not harder) to win as Carbon Poker’s.  In fact, if you are truly a bad beat jackpot hunter then the Carbon one is probably the best to go after since they offer the lowest qualifying hand in the industry with quad 7’s. 

So if no one has ever won a bad beat jackpot at the site with the lowest qualifying hand in over half a year then aren’t these promotions more like a lottery?  After all, a bad beat jackpot as big as this one will make anyone who wins it much richer (the person who has the bad beat hand gets 35% of the $1 million), but only one person is going to earn the big cash.  The player who delivers the bad beat gets 17.5% at Carbon Poker so they’ll also make major cash.

But in my opinion, these bad beat jackpots are fun to try, but one is better off trying to earn their money through normal table games and tournaments.  Of course, if you just want to get rich quick then go for it!

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